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Puppy Avenue 2016: Our annual Mets roster of adorable puppies

The 2016 Mets Opening Day roster once again goes to the dogs!

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports



It's time again to reveal our annual Puppy Avenue Mets roster! We've been doing this for years now and it's a lot of fun to put together. Who doesn't love to see lots of pictures and GIFs of adorable puppies? Awwwwww! You'd have to have a heart made of ice and like stone or something to hate these dogs. We got lots of great submissions from our commenters, as well as on Twitter, so without further ado, enjoy the puppies!

As is the tradition, we begin with the infamous Ike Davis Dog. Though he is long gone, we will never forget Ike Davis dog. (Isles732)

Ike Davis Dog

Lucas Duda dog doesn't have the most exciting personality but he hits lots of home runs and that's what matters. (MookieTheCat)


Lately, Lucas Dudog always feels like he's being followed around...


...probably because Cutest Granderpup is right behind him with his camera! (FlushtownFandom)


Neil Walker dog loves Afroman. (the caveman)

neil walker

Neil Walker's actual dog is adorable! Did Daniel Murphy have an adorable dog? We don't know. (LGNYM)



Asdrubal Cabrera looks to make some apple strudel. (OuttaHereOuttaHere)


David Wright goes through his 9 hour routine of warmups prior to each game! (fxcarden)

Wright stretch

Here's David Bite stretching his back out a little more in the field. (FlushtownFandom)

bite 1

bite 2

Even though his back is all sorts of messed up, David Wright dog still has a smile on his face! (LGNYM)

Wright back

Here's utility man Wagmore Flores, grabbing a basketball in case Border Collins asks him to play it for some reason. (FlushtownFandom)


Wilmer's trying (FlushtownFandom)


He's really trying. (FlushtownFandom)

Wilmer 2

Catching the ball is hard for him sometimes. (FlushtownFandom)

wilmer 3

He's getting a little closer! (FlushtownFandom)

Wilmer 4

Certainly not a lack of effort for Wilmer! (FlushtownFandom)

Wilmer 5

Woo hoo, he got it! Well done, Wilmer Flores dog. (FlushtownFandom)

Wilmer 6

Here's Wilmer dog on July 29, 2015 (djletz)


Matt Reynolds looks to make the team on Opening Day. (LaRomaBella)


Here's Curtis Granderson staring down his dinner. (MookieTheCat)

Grandy Dinner

Sometimes, Grandy has to catch dinner himself(secret defense)

Yoenis Cespedes dog is back with the Mets! (the caveman)


Yoenis Cespedes dog rides up to camp in his sweet-looking cars. (The Shake Shack line)

Cespedes car

He even sleeps in a racing car! (@tpgmets)


Yoenis Cespedes dog hangs out with the Rally Parakeet (djletz)

Cespedes parakeet

Cespawdes and Lagrrrres sometimes have a little trouble communicating out there. (FlushtownFandom)

Cespedes Lagares

When he's not interfered with or 20 pounds too heavy, Lagares dog makes nice catches (LaRomaBella)


Michael Conforto dog is a baseball player, a dog, and a Beaver. (MookieTheCat)


Travis dOgnaud sets up behind the plate waiting for the ball. (FlushtownFandom)

Travis dOgnaud

Corgi Granderson and Kevin Plawcorgi are adorable! (Nathan Gismot)

granderson plawcorgi

Uh oh, looks like the Mets five starters aren't very happy with Angel Hernandez's strike zone (LaRomaBella)

Matt Harvey dog is the Opening Day hero Gotham needs. (OuttaHereOuttaHere)


Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard are looking good for Opening Day. (LaRomaBella)



deGrom dog is a fantastic athlete. (@cjmets6986)


Thor dog is taking his nickname a little too seriously. (Ownbey4Mex)


Seriously, Thor dog. (@JB_August)


Noah Dog and Yoenis Dog arrive to spring training in style! (OSUMets)

Noah Yo

Bartolo Colon dog runs the bases at his own speed. (djletz)


Steven Matz dog enjoys the sandwich named after him at the deli in East Setauket (djletz)

Matz dog

Zack Wheeler can't wait to get back on the Citi Field mound. (OuttaHereOuttaHere)


The Mets' 7 man bullpen is full of good dogs. (LaRomaBella)


Addison Reed dog wears his hat a little funny. (Joel Hernandez)



Jeurys Pawmilia closes the door with great velocity! (OuttaHereOuttaHere)


Josh Edgin's beard keeps growing. (OuttaHereOuttaHere)


Border Collins is chasing those lame ducks away. (FlushtownFandom)

border collins

Keith Grrrnandez looks exhausted as we head into extra innings. (qnsemma)


Dilson Herrera is headed to Triple-A and he'll be taking his rally cups with him. (djletz)


Chase Muttley and the Dodgers practice sliding into second base (FlushtownFandom)

Chase Muttley