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We will miss you, David Wright

David Wright's career is over. He went 0-4 on Opening Day and looked bad against Wade Davis.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday night, David Wright went 0-for-4 with a pair of strikeouts. He also allowed Omar Infante and Eric Hosmer to reach first base on a ground ball and a bunt, respectively. More over, he looked thoroughly overmatched in his final at bat against Royals closer Wade Davis. Should we read into this at all?

Yes, David Wright is finished. His career is over. The stenosis has claimed his career.

After the game on Sunday I watched it float up to the sky like an angel or something. It was a magical scene that only I saw. Ha ha, you missed out on the floating career ghost thing.

Look, David's had a great career, but I know a thing or two about baseball. Further, I can accurately pretend to diagnose baseball players as if I'm a real life doctor. It's one of my many skills. I also have a Twitter account and lots of people follow it so you can trust that I know what the hell I'm talking about.

David Wright's career is done! D-O-E-N!

Let's look back to the at-bat against Wade Davis in the ninth inning. Wade Davis has never made an opposing hitter look silly. Wade Davis has never struck out an opposing batter. Never. DAVID WRIGHT IS THE ONLY ONE EVER. And he looked silly.

Don't forget David's shortened 2015 season. He hit .289 with a .379 on base percentage and in this day and age, that is just unacceptably bad. Why didn't David hit .389 or .489? I'm sure if he was actually healthy and his career not killed by the stenosis, he would do that. Except he's not clutch so probably not.

Goodbye, David Wright. Your career happened but then the stenosis got you, you went 0-for-4 on Opening Day of 2016 and struck out against Wade Davis. You're gone now. Nobody could ever come back from that. We'll enjoy lots of Wilmer Flores and Eric Campbell at third base!