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Mets vs. Phillies: Video highlights from today's win in the home opener

Lotsa highlights plus pomp and circumstance.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Today's home opener got crunk for real as L'Grande Orange, Fonzie, and Johnny B. Goode crunk the 2015 NL pennant to the sky.

Steve Gelbs gives the inside dish on how the same people who may have made your high school class ring crafted the jeebus out of the Mets' new hand candy:

Now it's time to meet the Mets, again, like it's the first time.

Jacob deGrom looked pretty deRn good, not deStracted at all by an impending deLivery, instead further deBasing de already deBilitated Phils:

Captain Comeback showed he's still got the Wright stuff when tested on a drag bunt in the fourth while the game is still up for grabs:

In the sixth, Neil Walker ingratiates himself to the home crowd by giving the Mets a lead they would never relinquish:

After taking a pitch inner half and low, Michael Conforto zones the heck out of this pitch and extends the lead.

Tomorrow's Post headline featuring this video on the back page—Conforto to Collins: "Platoon this":

The game is already a laugher at this point, but why not advance to ridicule?  Two Phillies evidently don't know the infield fly rule.  Can you spot them both?  #LOLPhils

Here's TC postgame on Conforto being a platoon player, why Michael Cuddyer deserves credit, David Wright sitting tomorrow, Jim Henderson's place in the pen, and all things deGrom, both baby and back.

You can put the third game of 2016 in the books as a win for the good guys.  Tune in next time, true believers!