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Michael Conforto ties Mets record for doubles in consecutive games

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The left fielder has been showing off his gap power.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

With a two-run double in the Mets' win on Saturday, Michael Conforto tied Joe Christopher's franchise record by doubling in six consecutive games. By any and every metric, the 22-year-old Conforto has been great to start the season.

Coming into Sunday's game, he was hitting .365/.442/.676 with a 194 wRC+. He had hit four home runs and driven in 18 runs, too. He has been the Mets' best hitter through the first month of the season. Even if Conforto can't quite maintain that level of production, he'd be a great hitter.

Conforto got another start against a left-handed pitcher today, batting third with Madison Bumgarner, one of the best lefties in baseball, on the mound for the Giants. Conforto hasn't had many opportunities to face lefties at the big league level so far, but he has been getting them lately. He'll look to extend his doubles streak today, while his red-hot team looks to finish off its third straight sweep.