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Final Score: Giants 6, Mets 1—Mets' winning streak ends

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Thor is human, and the Mets fell in the series finale.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The Mets lost a cold, rainy game to the Giants, dropping the series finale by a score of 6-1. Noah Syndergaard started for the Mets, and he looked human for the first time this season. He went five-and-two-thirds innings, gave up four runs, including his first home run of the season to Hunter Pence. He scattered four hits, two walks, and six strikeouts over his start.

The Mets' hitters, who have been so hot over this winning streak, didn't score a run until the seventh inning. Madison Bumgarner went the first six, and though he gave up six hits, he never really seemed in danger of giving up the lead. The sole Mets run was driven in by David Wright, who knocked in Juan Lagares, who had reached on a fan-interference double.

Tomorrow, the Braves come to town for the final three games of this home stand.

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