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Final score: Mets 4, Dodgers 3—Syndergaard hits two home runs, pitches eight innings

The Mets won in Los Angeles thanks almost entirely to Noah Syndergaard.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets beat the Dodgers 4-3 on Wednesday night in Los Angeles thanks to Noah Syndergaard, who hit two home runs and gave up only two runs in eight innings of work on the mound.

Both of the runs Syndergaard allowed scored on solo home runs. The first home run he hit was a solo home run, too, but the second was a three-run shot that gave the Mets a lead they didn't relinquish.

The game got a little dicey in the ninth inning, as Jeurys Familia gave up a run after allowing a leadoff double to Adrian Gonzalez. But he kept the Mets' lead intact and ended the game with a strikeout.

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