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Monday Morning Mets Mind Boggler: Best hitting pitchers

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Can you name every pitcher in Mets history with at least a 10 wRC+?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Within the last 10 days, Bartolo Colon hit a home run and Noah Syndergaard went deep twice in a game. In fact, Mets pitchers have been the best in the league offensively, leading all NL staffs with a 32 wRC+. For this week's Mind Boggler, we're asking you to name every pitcher in Mets history with at least a 10 career wRC+. To qualify for the list, the pitcher needed at least 100 plate appearances with the Mets.

Mets pitchers with at least a 10 wRC+.

For those who aren't familiar with the stat, wRC+ is simply a catchall offensive metric that adjusts for the league, park, and year in which the player played, and scales to 100. A 110 wRC+ indicates that the player is 10% better than league average, while a 90 wRC+ indicates 10% worse than league average. This year, Syndergaard leads all Mets pitchers with a 148 wRC+.

You'll have three minutes for this quiz. Good luck, and remember to post your time and score in the comments!