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Mets player performance meter: Pitchers, Week 6

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A review of the Mets' pitching staff over the past week.

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As far as this week's meters goes, this is the better one. Mets pitchers were not their dominant selves overall, and a few of them struggled mightily. But there were at least a few good performance on the mound, which made for more than there were at the plate. And Mets pitchers continued to shine at the plate more than most of their position player peers.

This week's meter covers games from May 9 through May 15.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Antonio Bastardo, LHP He didn’t strike anyone out, but in two-and-a-third innings, Bastardo didn’t allow any runs, either. That’ll do.
Jerry Blevins, LHP In two appearances, Blevins put together one total scoreless inning of work.
Bartolo Colon, RHP It had been a while since we’d seen the bad Bartolo on the mound, but his start in Los Angeles did not go well: 5 runs in 5 innings.
Jacob deGrom, RHP In two starts, deGrom had a 3.38 ERA, which is pretty good. Perhaps that deserves a green arrow, but with a rate of 4.73 K/9 on the week, it’s hard to get too excited about his performance.
Jeurys Familia, RHP Familia made three appearances and had a 3.86 ERA, ubt he didn’t walk anyone.
Sean Gilmartin, LHP -- Summoned from Las Vegas when Matz needed to skip a start and Wilmer Flores hit the DL, Gilmartin threw five scoreless innings out of the Mets’ bullpen.
Matt Harvey, RHP Harvey has sprinkled in some promising signs in some of his recent starts, but his most recent one—against the Rockies on Friday night—had very few of them.
Jim Henderson, RHP Henderson’s week was not terrible, but he allowed the go-ahead home run yesterday that wound up making the difference in the game.
Steven Matz, LHP Matz had one pretty good start but didn’t make his scheduled second start because of elbow soreness. Here’s hoping that’s just a blip in an otherwise healthy season when we’re looking back at things.
Addison Reed, RHP Reed only made one appearance but didn’t allow any runs in it.
Hansel Robles, RHP RobleS had a 2.25 ERA in 4.0 innings, though he didn’t strike out opponents as frequently as he typically does.
Noah Syndergaard, RHP Syndergaard’s start was the best thing about the Mets’ week, as he gave up two runs in 8.0 innings and hit two home runs himself to single-handedly defeat the Dodgers.
Logan Verrett, RHP Verrett’s spot start in Colorado last year was so good it was hard to believe. His spot start in Colorado this year fell just a bit short of that one.