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Mets player performance meter: Position players, Week 6

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A review of the Mets' position players over the past week.

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

I'd never suggest not reading a meter start-to-finish, but don't expect to feel all warm and fuzzy inside after getting through this one. Mets hitters were certifiably not-good this week, but the silver lining is that they will almost certainly be a lot better than this going forward.

This week's meter covers games from May 9 through May 15.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Asdrubal Cabrera, SS Cabrera has been very good for the Mets this season, but he was not good at hitting this week. He hit .185/.267/.222 in 30 plate appearances.
Eric Campbell, IF If it felt like Campbell had a good week, that wasn’t an accurate feeling. He hit just .167/.286/.250 in four games.
Yoenis Cespedes, OF It wasn’t a monster week for Cespedes, but he still hit well, with one home run and an .837 OPS.
Michael Conforto, LF Between a couple of bad misplays in left field at Coors Field and a .238/.238/.333 line, this is a week Conforto would probably prefer to forget.
Travis d’Arnaud, C The catcher remains sidelined with shoulder soreness, for which he recently received an injection.
Alejandro De Aza, OF He didn’t play much, but he didn’t hit much when he did, either.
Lucas Duda, 1B Duda wasn’t doing Green Rickey any favors this week, as he was one of several hitters who landed in the 50-something wRC+ range.
Wilmer Flores, IF Flores hit well in a couple of games but hit the disabled list with a hamstring injury shortly after that.
Curtis Granderson, RF As bad as most of the Mets’ regulars were, Granderson was the second-worst of them in wRC+ despite hitting a home run.
Juan Lagares, OF This might be a generous blue arrow, but at .308/.308/.385, Lagares looked pretty okay compared to his teammates.
Kevin Plawecki, C Plawecki came close to hitting as well as Lagares, but he fell just shy of the blue arrow cutoff for the week.
Rene Rivera, C He only played in two games, but Rivera had a .933 OPS for the week.
Neil Walker, 2B Walker was the only regular other than Cespedes to have a good week at the plate, and he certainly did that: .313/.421/.480 with a home run and a 159 wRC+.
David Wright, 3B Wright had one of his poorest weeks of the season at the plate.