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Mets broadcaster Howie Rose retires from Islanders play-by-play role

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Howie Rose, the longtime voice of the Mets, will be focusing only on baseball.

Chris Chambers/Getty Images

Howie Rose, who has broadcast New York Mets and New York Islanders games for more than 20 years, is stepping down from his hockey responsibilities, and will focus solely on baseball.

Rose has been doing play-by-play for the Islanders since 1995, and told Newsday that he wants to finally enjoy an offseason.

"Maybe my wife would disagree on some level, but I think it’s only right that she has her husband around more than he’s been," he said.

Before working for the Islanders, Rose was a play-by-play broadcaster for the Rangers—first as a substitute, then full-time. In the hockey world, Rose is best known for his famous call of Stephane Matteau's goal to send the Rangers to the 1994 Stanley Cup Final.

Rose said he has no intention of stopping his coverage of the Mets, which he's been doing in various roles since the late 1980s—roughly the same time as another famous Mets voice, Gary Cohen. Last month, Rose missed a few Mets games as he covered the Islanders' playoff run. Mets fans will be free to enjoy his play-by-play during more of upcoming seasons, as he enjoys offseasons at home.

Rose's partner, Josh Lewin, had missed a few Mets games in September thanks to his duties as play-by-play announcer for the San Diego Chargers.