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The almost definitive list of New York Mets references in music

From the Beastie Boys to Belle and Sebastian—everyone who's name-checked the Mets in their songs.

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

The Yankees have been referenced so much in rap music that Complex Magazine once devoted an entire list to the "25 Best Yankees References of All Time." But the Mets have also carved a place into the hearts of baseball-loving musicians. What follows is a list of all the Mets references in songs by major recording artists that I've been able to find, including references to some Mets players.

The list is not perfect, but it's certainly extensive. If you have any great Mets references I missed, let us know in the comments below. Please be warned, while the lyrics here are clean, some of the tracks are not.

I only included songs that weren't specifically written for the Mets (sorry "Who Let the Mets Out") or Mets tribute songs like the awesome NY Mets Rap by ZEPS feat. The 7 Line Army. I also tried to steer clear of songs that blatantly listed every sports team in the New York area. So with that said, let's get to the list, starting off with the king of Mets references, Nas.

1. Tyga feat. Nas and Wale, "Kings & Queens"

Nas, a Queens native, references the Mets more than anyone in his music, usually with a nod to wearing a Mets cap. The "Illmatic" rapper has been photographed many times performing in Mets gear. Though Nas has also been seen on a rare occasion rocking a Yankees cap, it's the Mets who get referenced far more in his music.

Lyric (Nas): "I been in pressed silk since breast milk / Mets cap on tilt, we some kings"

2. Justin Bieber feat. Nas, "We Are"

Yes, even Justin Bieber is not immune from Nas's love for Queens.

Lyric (Nas): "You and I in that Wraith, retired my pimp super-fly cape / Just my Mets cap and my batch and I'm straight"

3. Nas, "Nature Shines"

A generic reference to be sure, but just another in a long string of Mets shout-outs from Nas.

Lyric: "I rap for Giants, the Jets, the Yankees, the Mets / It's New York New York, from Clue to Flex"

4. Diddy feat. Nas and Cee-Lo Green "Everything I Love"

Nas is all about Queens and all about the Mets.

Lyric (Nas): "The Queens Crypt keeper, Mets hat rocker"

5. Nas feat. Rick Ross "It's a Tower Heist"

Nas even slips in a reference to the Mets in this track written for the Ben Stiller/Eddie Murphy heist comedy.

Lyric: "Straight up NYC, like a Mets fitted / This a tower heist, even Donald Trump could get it"

6. A Tribe Called Quest "Skypager"

The recently departed Phife Dawg showed loyalty to both the Yankees and Mets in his life, but the boys from Shea were often a subject of the Queens native's lyrics.

Lyric (Phife Dawg): "Keep my bases loaded like the New York Mets / At times I miss the pager so you don't get vex"

7. Big L feat. Kool G, "Fall Back"

The Harlem-born rapper Big L referenced the Mets in this, one of his most famous lyrics. He was sadly gunned down in a drive-by shooting in 1999 but his music lives on.

Lyric: "Jewels with baguettes, swingin like the Mets / Throwin the dice and takin all side bets"

8. Pharoahe Monch, "Official"

Monch, a huge Mets fan, spoke to ESPN about the genesis of "Official," in which references numerous athletes and said, "Well, I'm such a big Mets fan and I started to play around with a couple lines. Then I was like, well, let's see if I can knock out a whole song with these references. [Rey] Ordonez was a shortstop for the Mets at the time and he was a real savvy defensive guy and I love defensive shortstops, so I put him in there and just tried to roll with some other colorful names."

Lyrics: "Without the Rover, more range than Rey Ordonez"

9. Action Bronson feat. Chance the Rapper, "Baby Blue"

The video for Bronson's "Baby Blue" is an ode to Eddie Murphy's Coming to America. Bronson, a Flushing native, was actually a chef for the Mets before he became a rapper, and he makes by far the most obscure Mets reference on this list in the next entry. Though he also roots for the Yankees, it's clear he's up on his Mets history.

Lyric: "Things change, now my dashboard wooden / All black Benz, like a young Doc Gooden"

10. Action Bronson, "Rolling Thunder"

Most obscure Mets reference by a mile!

Lyric: "I stay in Flushing like I’m Dillon Gee / You ain't gotta open up the comic book to figure who the villain be"

11. Artifacts, "Lower Da Boom"

Artifacts, the early 90s hip hop trio composed of El Da Sensei, Tame One, and DJ Kaos, make an absolutely filthy Mets reference in "Lower Da Boom."

Lyric: "No need for the sheepa cheeba cleaner than Beaver Cleaver / Though I'm down to pitch, with my skit like Tom Seaver"

12. Rampage, "Get the Money and Dip"

Rampage, from the Flipmode squad, is a cousin of Busta Rhymes. He's also apparently a Mets admirer.

Lyrics: "Me and Scratch, do it since possin nuff threats / We knockin brothers off the fields like the Mets"

13. Belle and Sebastian, "Piazza, New York Catcher"

This song is definitely not a favorite of Mike Piazza's, and it will be obvious why when you read the lyrics. It is, however, an indie classic having appeared in Juno.

Lyric: "San Francisco's calling us, the Giants and Mets will play / Piazza, New York catcher, are you straight or are you gay?"

14. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, "All Things Considered"

The Bosstones are from Boston, so it's safe to say the memory referenced by this song is not a good one.

Lyric: "He says but he regrets / The stadium was Shea / The team the New York Mets"

15. Lil B, "I Seen That Light"

Lil B, the BasedGod, once put a curse on LeBron James so it's nice to see that he respects the Mets and their chewing tobacco skills. Hopefully he doesn't curse them now that tobacco is banned at Citi Field.

Lyrics: "I'm on the dip like I'm on the Mets"

16. Yo La Tengo, "Moby Octopad"

Indie rock darlings Yo La Tengo are HUGE Mets fans. Their name, which means "I have it" in Spanish, is even a reference to what Richie Ashburn would yell to Venezuelan shortstop Elio Chacon during the 1962 season when trying to catch a fly ball because Chacon only spoke Spanish.

Lyric: "Eight o'clock, the lights are on at Shea / Phone turned down, we've nothing much to say"

17. Adam Sandler, "Thanksgiving Song"

Adam Sandler is a well-known Yankees fan, and has even worked his frustrations with the Mets into his songs.

Lyric: "Turkey with gravy and cranberry / Can't believe the Mets traded Darryl Strawberry"

18. Beastie Boys, "Sounds of Science"

Both Ad-Rock and the late MCA were Mets fans, and this is the first of two Beastie Boys Mets references on this list.

Lyric: "Shea Stadium the radium, E.M.D. squared / Kicked out of the Palladium, d'you think that I care?"

19. Beastie Boys, "3 the Hard Way"

When MCA tragically lost his battle with cancer in 2012, the Mets' lineup all changed their walk-up music to Beastie Boys songs to honor him for one night.

Lyric: "I said oops, gotcha, clutch like Piazza / Sneak between the sheets so hide the matzoh"

20. De La Soul feat. Phife Dawg, "Ghost Weed #2"

Phife Dawg appears on this list for the second time, this time with the legendary De La Soul in tow.

Lyric: "Queens, I rep' it to the fully, you'd think I own the Mets"

21. Dr. Dooom (Aka Kool Keith), "Live"

This track, from Kool Keith alter-ego Dr. Dooom's album "First Come, First Served," contains one of the lesser-known Mets references in hip hop.

Lyric: "Watching the Mets putting s**t on your TV sets"

22. The So So Glos, "Lost Weekend"

The So So Glos, the Brooklyn-bred punk band, have a huge affinity for the Mets, and that can be seen in both the video for "Lost Weekend" and the lyric that offers a clever play on the term "86'd" to reference the Mets' last championship.

Lyric: "We grown up 86'd and ended up like this"

23. YBT (Young Black Teenagers), "Plead the Fifth"

A mostly forgotten group, YBT, which consisted of Kamron, First Born, Tommy Never, and DJ Skribble, was notable because none of its members were actually Black. Despite the support of Public Enemy, they never really hit it big. They do, however, make a nifty reference to Tom Seaver in "Plead the Fifth."

Lyric: "Your heads, together cause I'm too damn clever / Should I say cleaver? I throw curves like Tom Seaver"

24. James McMurtry, "Long Island Sound"

Longtime folk-rocker James McMurtry, who grew up in Texas and Virginia, references the Mets in his ode to Long Island.

Lyric: "Here’s to all you strangers / The Mets and the Rangers / Long may we thrive on the Long Island Sound"

25. Sparks, "All You Ever Think About is Sex"

Rockers Sparks make a surprise reference to the Mets in their 1983 track "All You Ever Think About is Sex."

Lyric: "Say, do you remember / The Dodgers and the Mets? / Fifty thousand people / Saw us and turned red"

26. Joe Jackson, "Right and Wrong"

British singer-songwriter Joe Jackson has had a long and varied career, spanning several genres and capturing five Grammy awards in the process, but it's his 1986 album "Right and Wrong" that references a Mets team that would go on to win the World Series.

Lyric: "You like the Yankees or the Mets this year?"

27. Curren$y, "Raps & Hustles"

The New Orleans native shows some love for the Mets on this 2008 mixtape track.

Lyric: "Play the cut with a orange streak striped jacket, uhh / Mets fitted, my Pat Ewing is vintage"

28. Slaughterhouse, "Sucka MCs"

The hip hop supergroup consisting of Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Kxng Crooked, and Royce da 5'9" put out some decent hit singles like "Throw That," but it's on "Sucka MCs" that Joell Ortiz gives a shout-out—or, perhaps more aptly, a diss—to Flushing.

Lyric (Joell Ortiz): "Your face all blue, orange, you're mad like a Mets fan"

29. Matthew Morrison, "The Lady is a Tramp"

The Glee star made some lyrical changes to the Rogers and Hart classic when he covered "The Lady is a Tramp," including adding a Mets reference.

Lyric: "Won’t got to Coney, Malibu is fine / She adores the ballgame, thinks the Mets are divine"

30. Hoodie Allen feat. Kina Grannis, "Make it Home"

Hoodie Allen is shockingly the prince of Mets references if Nas is king. Allen, real name Steven Adam Markowitz, is a nice Jewish boy from Long Island, who is indeed a Yankees fan, and once told a fan on Twitter "I like Mets fans more than the Mets." He certainly talks about the Mets a lot for a Yankees fan though.

Lyric: "You said you living good well call me when the Mets win / The Mets win it in the pennant"

31. Hoodie Allen, "Too Invested"

Allen continues his Mets shout-out streak with a nod to David Wright.

Lyric: "Always think I'm (w)right like I'm playing for the Mets"

32. Hoodie Allen, "Day Dreamin'"

Another Allen lyric shows him sympathizing with the Mets' underdog status.

Lyric: "I'm playing down like the Mets, so I found that it's best / To be the Underdog 'cause no one like the obvious."

33. Dom Kennedy feat. Juicy J & Tyga, "My Type of Party (Remix)"

Kennedy, who's from L.A. and often reps the Dodgers, makes a Mets reference in this remix, giving a nod to Darryl Strawberry's time with both teams.

Lyric (Dom Kennedy): "We went to the Mets game, I wore my Strawberry jersey"

34. Wu Tang Clan, "Chrome Wheels"

While most of the Wu Tang Clan are Yankees fans, it seems that Wu Tang associate 12 O'Clock reps the team from Queens.

Lyric (12 O'Clock): "I had to catch her like a shortstop on the Mets"

35. AZ, "City of Gods"

The Brooklyn-born AZ is one of the most underrated rappers of all time, and though he usually wears Yankees gear, he gives a nice shout-out to the Mets on this track.

Lyric: "Reckless livin' though, rest is like the Mets in them extra innings"

36. Messy Marv, "Always Ride wit' my Chopper"

Who knew Messy Marv liked the Mets? The Pittsburgh-born rapper has been seen rocking every cap on the planet, but apparently enjoys a good Mets game with his cheesecake.

Lyric: "Sit at Juniors at dinner time and watch the Mets / I don't ride with too many n*****s, I am my set"

37. Alice Cooper, "I Love America"

Apparently Alice Cooper loves America and hates the Mets. Also, this song is terrible, truly bad.

Lyric: "I love the Tigers but I hate the Mets / I ride my Hog but I race my 'Vette"

38. Joe Budden, "Dumb Out"

Joe Budden references the disappointing Mets team of 2005 in this track off "Mood Muzik 2."

Lyric: "So live, who can see 'em? No guy / I'm the Mets, was supposed to be ill in '05"

39. Clay Walker, "Everybody Needs Love"

Walker, a country singer, makes reference to the longstanding animosity between Yankees and Mets fans in this meandering country song.

Lyric: "New York, New York big as it gets / They like to fight between the Yankees and the Mets"

40. Fabolous, "Throw Back"

In this ode to throwback jerseys, Fabolous refuses to declare loyalty to the Mets or Yankees, but name-checks both.

Lyric: "In New York what I wear in the club may vary / Mets or Yankees like the Subway Series"

41. Uncle Kracker, "Corner Bar"

Kracker calls out he Mets' financial woes following the Bernie Madoff scandal in this reference from his 2009 track.

Lyric: "My credit score's fallen like the New York Mets"

42. M.O.P. feat. Jay-Z, "Put it in the Air"

M.O.P., perhaps the most lyrically aggressive hip hop duo of all time, name-check the Mets despite being known Yankees fans.

Lyric: "Just relax yourself pa, you don't wanna / Get yo' Mets hat twisted, get fo'-ifted"

43. Ice-T, "Rhyme Pays"

Another Mets diss, this time delivered by Ice-T in his classic track.

Lyric: "Body that smells like the New York Mets / Arm pits all nappy packed full of sweat"

44. Cam’Ron "Yeo Man (Rush, Rush, Get the Yayo)"

Cam'Ron shows some love to Mets legends Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry.

Lyric: "But I swear I wish I met Dwight Gooden / to show him that my pitch is better / bring Strawberry dogg I'll be rich forever"

45. N.O.R.E. feat Ja Rule, DMX, and Yummy Bingham, "Stay Flawless"

N.O.R.E. takes the time to reference not only Shea Stadium, but Citi Field as well.

Lyric: "Got enough dudes to fill up Shea Stadium / Or Citi Field, I swear I really will"

46. Ringo Starr, "The Other Side of Liverpool"

The Beatle makes reference to the group's famous concert at Shea in this track from 2010.

Lyric: "In the U.S.A. when we played Shea / We were Number One, and it was fun"

47. Riff Raff, "Uncut Cocaine 2011 Cypher Freestyle"

If Action Bronson's Dillon Gee reference was the most obscure one on this list, this has to be the second.

Lyric: "Rap Game Lenny Dykstra / Yes Rap Game Lenny Dykstra"

48. Thursday, "Subway Funeral"

The post-hardcore band Thursday has evidently spent a lot of time on the 7 train.

Lyric: "That's what it all comes down to / At Willis Point and Shea"

49. Chief Keef feat. Riff Raff, "Cuz My Gear"

Riff Raff is apparently quite the Mets fan, because he makes another reference to a Mets legend on this track with Chief Keef.

Lyric: "Adversaries call me on my Blackberry / Now I'm in the laundromat: Darryl Strawberry"

50. Action Bronson & Static Selektah, "White Silk"

We'll finish it out with one last Action Bronson track, and an '86 Mets reference that's as smooth as the beat.

Lyric: "Dookie blunt of regs 'til I'm pookie in the face / Queens, the kids a star like a Mookie on the bass(base)"

51. Muskabeatz (Chad Muska), "I'm a Star"

Thanks to NothingButMet for this one! From the pen of Chad Muska (all he wants to do is skate and make beats).

Lyric: "Ha! I’m more impressed, with flat chest than breast, the New York mets, seein Will Smith as Jim West, sorry as Ali, I’m keepin the far a nella show, I want smo-low, I’m askin get shass big tuck."

52. Da Lench Mob, "You & Your Heroes"

Thanks to nerfan for catching this l lyric from Ice Cube's controversial proteges Da Lench Mob.

Lyric: "Babe Ruth was good against the white boys / But he couldn't hit a n---a like Doc Gooden."

53. The Isotopes, "The Ballad of Rey Ordonez"

Thanks to "the caveman" and several Facebook followers for pointing out this glaring omission.

Lyric: A whole song about Rey Ordonez!!!!! -The Caveman

54. Hoodoo Gurus, "Where's That Hit?"

Thanks to Jason Fry for pointing out this one!

Lyric: "Here you are at Shea, your heart’s in your throat / Will you make the grade? Will you miss the boat?"

55. Loudon Wainwright III, "Hometeam Crowd"

Thanks to Pedro Smartinez for this one! The great Loudon Wainwright III, father to many Wainwright musicians including Rufus.

Lyric: "When the Mets don’t win / I get upset / I got a bullet hole / in my TV set"

56. Pat Monahan, "Her Eyes"

Thanks to erd11704 for finding this one by the lead singer of Train.

Lyric: "To any chance that she gets / For home plate tickets to see the Mets"

57. Twin Cities, "Everything But the Girl"

Thanks to Eric J. Ellman for this one!

Lyric: "Last time in New York was with Mandela/And Madonna and The Mets/ They're icons of an era where/That's about as famous as it gets."

58. French Montana, "New York Minute" (But only on the remix with N.O.R.E)

Thanks to Pat Prisinzano for catching this one, as it's actually hard to hear.

Lyric (N.O.R.E.): "When you speaking to Mecca from Tribeca/ the left rack / Rock a Met hat / they expect that."

59. DJ Clue feat. Nas, "Queens Finest"

Pat Prisinzano with another catch, and another Nas Mets refence.

Lyric (Nas): "To AQ, the brew, the borough that Gotti was made in / Whips on the Van Wyck, Queens day or Shea Stadium"

60. Joell Ortiz, "Sing Like Bilal" (Remix)

Last one from Pat Prisinzano.

Lyric: "Seven One Eight I'm reppin the state / Of the Eighty Six Mets and the consecutive Yanks"

61. The High and Mighty, "B-Boy Document 99"
Thanks to Ryan Snyder for catching this obscure reference that gives Action Bronson a run for his money.

Lyric (Mr. Eon): "Hip-Hop's Cleon Jones, when Eon Jones"

62. The Baseball Project, "From Nails to Thumbtacks"

Thanks to Jeff Morrow for this one that references the highs and lows of the life of Lenny Dykstra.

Lyric: "Wrote my autobiography when I was 24 / If I’d only known how much was still in store / ’Cause I won it all with the Mets, age 23 / And for the ’93 Phillies I could have been MVP"

63. Rainbow Kitten Surprise, "Bare Bones"
Thanks to Pete24 for this one!

Lyric: "The Yankees played today, they played, but in the eighth the Sox, they clutched the game  / At least the Mets are getting laid, oh yea, that’s what they say."

64. End of a Year (Now known as Self Defense Family), "Fred Dekker"
This one was suggested by Steve Sypa.

Lyric: "Caught a Mets' game but left my hat on the Subway / Caught a foul ball but left my wallet on the seat"

65. Black 47, "Those Saints"

This one was brought to us by James Lohrs.

Lyric:  "When a man from the Mets says, "Are yous available? / Come out and play for us in Shea Stadium"

66. Sammy Davis Jr., "This is the Life" from the musical Golden Boy. Music by Charles Strouse and Lee Adams.

Greg Prince brought this one to our attention.

Lyric: "Polaroid pictures / Stereo sets / Season box to see the Mets!"

67. Yo La Tengo, "Moonrock Mambo"

John C. Link caught this reference to Mr. Met in another Yo La Tengo song.

Lyric: "Like Dr. Tom, like Mr. Met / Like Professor Frink, like a Chia pet"

68. The Nightmares, "Baseball Altamont"

John C. Link also brought to our attention this classic track from The Nightmares, which was later covered by Yo La Tengo. For those unfamiliar with what "Altamont" is, it was a festival organized by the Rolling Stones intended to be the West Coast equivalent of Woodstock. Unfortunately multiple people ended up being assaulted by event security, which included some questionably sober Hells Angels. The low-point to the event, however, was the death of a young African American man named Meredith Hunter, who was stabbed and beaten to death by the Hells Angels after pulling a revolver on them. Altamont has since gone down in infamy as one of the most violent festivals of all time.

Lyric: "Yeah well, Keith stood by and watched it for a while / And then he took off his shirt and his cap and he laid 'em in a pile / Then he bummed a cigarette from Dr. K / And then they smoked 'em in the stands as the fans tore apart Shea Stadium! / It was baseball Altamont! / It was baseball Altamont!"

Thanks to everyone who contributed!  Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!