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Mets player performance meter: Pitchers, Week 4

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Which pitchers are trending up, and which are struggling? Find out with Meter Avenue!

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The Mets' pitching staff has had spurts of dominance mixed with getting hit around a bit so far this year. It's hard to complain about parts of a team that went 5-1 this week, but it was a relatively average week on the whole, at least by Mets pitching standards. Their 2.57 K/BB rate was only the 13th-highest in the game over the last week, and their 1.28 WHIP was 11th. But their 2.83 ERA was sixth-best.

Jeurys Familia and Matt Harvey are trending up, but unfortunately, Thor loses his Dickey fireball.

This meter covers the Mets' games from Monday, April 25th, through Sunday, May 1.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Antonio Bastardo Antonio's control failed him this week, as he walked four batters and allowed more than half of the ones he faced to reach base. A -29% WPA is not good from the Six Million Dollar (AAV) Man.
Jerry Blevins Other than the one home run allowed, Blevins was perfectly fine this week.
Bartolo Colon Bartolo allowed three runs on eight hits in just five innings in his start this week, and will look to get it together tonight.
Jacob deGrom deGrom went six innings and gave up no earned runs, though he uncharacteristically walked four batters. He's still struggling to strike batters out (7.13 K/9 so far) but he's preventing runs by inducing more grounders.
Jeurys Familia Familia was 3-for-3 in save opportunities this week, allowing just one hit and no walks. He only struck out two, but he slammed the door when asked and was the clubhouse leader in WPA with +34%.
Matt Harvey Harvey scattered seven hits, allowing two runs across six innings in his start this week. He struck out seven and didn't walk any, by far his best start of the season.
Jim Henderson Jim's got his groove back, striking out four and allowing just two of the seven hitters he faced to reach. He did not allow a run.
Steven Matz While it was not the most dominating of shutouts you'll see, Matz went six strong and didn't allow any of the ten baserunners he allowed to score.
Addison Reed His shakiness Saturday means it's hard to give him the up arrow. Consider this the upper tier of sideways arrows, that's probably fair.
Hansel Robles Speaking of Saturday, Hansel allowed two inherited runners to score in that game. He ended the week with a +6% WPA, though.
Noah Syndergaard So long, Dickey Fireball, we hardly knew ye. Though he struck out 15 over 12.1 innings in two starts, Thor allowed seven runs on twelve hits. Somehow I have a feeling he'll rebound.
Logan Verrett Verrett served up a home run and had a 3:3 K:BB ratio this week. However, he allowed just one run over 4.1 innings, so we'll call it a wash.