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Matt Harvey is staying in the rotation, might even pitch earlier than expected for the Mets

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Despite speculation that he might skip a turn or go on the DL, Harvey wants to pitch.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

After a disastrous start to the season that has Matt Harvey sporting a 3-6 record and a 5.77 ERA, some had speculated that Harvey would get some time off through either a skipped start or a stint on the disabled list. Thursday's shelling against the Washington Nationals didn't help matters, as Harvey gave up nine runs (six earned) against the division rivals. The rumors of time off gained traction as Terry Collins told reporters he couldn't guarantee when Harvey would make his next start.

Now, it's looking like Harvey is going to pitch, and he might even move up in the rotation to pitch Monday on short rest. Collins says that option is in play because Harvey only threw 61 pitches on Thursday, getting removed before the third inning had ended. The decision on when Harvey will pitch will be made later today, but he's certainly staying in the rotation.

Collins decided to let Harvey pitch after a meeting on Friday before the game against the Brewers at Citi Field.

"He walked in like he normally does, unhappy with the way he's pitching, but he said, 'I want to pitch,'" Collins said of the meeting with Harvey.

As part of their efforts to get Harvey ready for his next start, the Mets had him throw off the stadium mound at Citi Field in a 25-minute simulated game, with Matt Reynolds and first base coach Tom Goodwin taking at-bats against him while much of the team looked on from the dugout, according to's Anthony DiComo.

Regardless of whether Harvey pitches on Monday or Tuesday, his next game will tell a lot about whether he can continue to pitch through this rough stretch. If his next start looks like his last one, the calls for him to take time off may fire up again.