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Matt Harvey commits baseball's ultimate sin, doesn't talk to press after game

Harvey didn't stick around to answer questions after his start last night. Who cares?

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Matt Harvey had another rough start last night in Washington, D.C. He gave up five runs in five innings, struck out just one opposing batter, and he now has a 6.08 ERA on the season. But more importantly than anything else, at least according to the newspapers, he didn't stick around after the start to talk to the press.

There is, indeed, plenty of fire about Harvey out there this morning. David Lennon's column in Newsday starts with this headline:

With nothing to say to media, Matt Harvey’s latest implosion should push him out of Mets’ rotation

And it's not just a case of a headline that sensationalizes the piece below it. Here's the lede:

Matt Harvey talked his way into the rotation the last time the Mets considered removing him a few days ago. Now that he’s staying silent, after Tuesday’s dumpster fire, he should be on his way out.

Lennon wasn't alone in that criticism of Harvey. John Harper wrote a similar column in the Daily News, which made his decision not to stick around after the game its back page today.

Harper's column begins with this:

Matt Harvey should know better. You can’t milk baseball stardom for all its worth, practically declare yourself a crossover celebrity with your every photo shoot and late-night talk show, and then run and hide from tough times.

Mike Vaccaro's column in the Post echoed the same sentiment, in which he writes, among other things: "And what an empty jersey he’s turned out to be."

Deny the media some boilerplate quotes about your terrible start, and you've committed the greatest baseball sin of all. Harvey's first ten starts have been cause for concern. But let's give this sarcastic summary a column-like kicker:

Harvey wouldn't talk to the press after the start?

I couldn't care less.