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Episode 187: The scourge of Murph with Ted Berg

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This week, we answer your emails, talk about Washington's second baseman, the Mets' third baseman, and chat with USA Today's Ted Berg.

Welcome to Episode 187 of Amazin’ Avenue Audio. First up, Brian and Chris answer your emails about David Wright and Daniel Murphy and talk a little bit about the recent plague of injuries (1:24).

Next up, Steve Schreiber shares one of Keith Hernandez's sartorial anecdotes on This Week in SNY (44:30), and Bryan Renzi discusses a forgotten Met with a truly fascinating life, Julio Machado (46:27).

Chris then chats with Ted Berg, writer for USA Today's For the Win, as well as a Taco Bell and sandwich enthusiast (52:06). You can read Ted's work that's discussed in the interview here:

Aaron is back this week with a discussion of Steven Matz (1:30:01), Steve Sypa talks a little more about why he chose the Fighters as our new foreign rooting interest (1:36:22), and Kate gives us this week's Panic City Meter (1:39:03).

You can follow all of our contributors on Twitter: Brian (@BrianNeedsaNap), Chris (@chrismcshane), Steve Schreiber (@_mistermet), Kate (@kateefeldman), Steve Sypa (@SteveSypa), Bryan Renzi (@brenz78), and Aaron (@apy5000). You should also follow Ted Berg (@OGTedBerg), if for some reason you aren't already.

And don't forget you can email the show at, and we'll be back next week for another edition of Amazin' Avenue Audio.