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Mets, Noah Syndergaard shocked at Saturday night's ejection

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Syndergaard was ejected in the third inning of Saturday night's game for throwing a pitch behind Chase Utley.

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After what happened in last year's NLDS we all knew that sooner or later a statement could be made towards Dodgers' second baseman Chase Utley.

Saturday night, this statement seemed to come in the form of Noah Syndergaard throwing a first-pitch fastball behind Utley in the top of the third inning. Syndergaard was immediately ejected by home plate umpire Adam Hamari, and manager Terry Collins was tossed soon after.

Following the Mets' 9-1 loss, Syndergaard told the media that the ball slipped due to how hot it was and he was "dumbfounded" by the ejection. Collins felt more upset that the umpires didn't issue a warning to Syndergaard, saying during his presser, "Nothing happened, ball went to the backstop."

Crew chief Tom Hallion gave his own explanation to a pool reporter after the game on why Syndergaard was ejected.

Hallion said, "The ruling was that he intentionally threw at the batter, and with that, we have a judgement of whether we thought it was intentional, and if it it was, we can either warn or eject. And with what happened in that situation, we felt the ejection was warranted."

Hallion also denied that the playoffs last year had any role in the ejection, telling the media "We handle our games separately for all individual games. So we take each game individually."

Collins noted during his presser that he is concerned about discipline from the league on Syndergaard and that he had warned the players before the first Dodgers series what would happen if they tried to issue a statement towards Utley, but didn't think of it this time around.