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Mets player performance meter: Position players, Week 8

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Let's look at how well—or poorly—the Mets' position players played over the last seven days.

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The Mets had an up-and-down week last week, taking two of three from the Nationals but losing a series to the Dodgers. The offense, save for a few, has been rather anemic of late. Injuries to Travis d'Arnaud and Lucas Duda sure haven't helped with that. With precious little in terms of reinforcements coming, the bats will need to turn it around. However, 3-3 against two of the best teams in the NL isn't a bad showing.

Curtis Granderson, Juan Lagares, and Neil Walker all had big weeks to help the Mets topple their division foe and cross-country enemy.

This meter covers the Mets' games from Monday, May 23, through Sunday, May 29.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Asdrubal Cabrera Cabrera struck out in 30% of his plate appearances, but made the times he connected count. A .932 OPS with two homers for the week and solid if unspectacular defense at short is nice.
Eric Campbell There is no excuse for Eric Campbell to continue being on a major league roster.
Yoenis Cespedes Yo was cold this week, slashing just .182/.217/.364. They can't all be fireball weeks, but he should pick it up soon.
Michael Conforto Another guy who went from red hot to ice cold, Conforto put up a -31 wRC+ for this week in 13 plate appearances. Yuck.
Travis d’Arnaud TdA returned to throwing this week but still isn't ready to play. The Mets could use him, as the Rivera/Plawecki combo has been an eyesore.
Alejandro De Aza ADA went 0-for-1 this week, striking out in his only at-bat.
Lucas Duda Duda's back injury could keep him out up to two months. He'll be replaced by James Loney.
Wilmer Flores Wilmer returned to the lineup Sunday and went 0-for-3.
Curtis Granderson There is some good news! Grandy hit .261/.346/.522, and had a double off of Clayton Kershaw. He's had a weird year, but the 137 wRC+ this week keeps him trending up.
Ty Kelly -- Professional baseball's batting average leader at the time of his call-up, Kelly went 0-for-8 with a walk in his first week of MLB action.
Juan Lagares Lagares rebounded this week, with a 1.200 OPS in 15 plate appearances. A multi-homer week paired with his signature defense is a wonderful thing.
Kevin Plawecki Plawecki has, save for a one-week stretch, been absolutely abysmal in the major leagues. For his career, he has a .212/.285/.289 line, which is only slightly better than his .154/.267/.154 mark this week.
Matt Reynolds Reynolds went 1-for-6 with a walk before being demoted at the end of the week.
Rene Rivera Anyone know what Vance Wilson is up to?
Neil Walker He's baaaaaaack. Walker hit .400/.478/.650 this week after a cold spell. The insane power surge was never sustainable, but his .272/.328/.491 for the year is in line with his career numbers, and is a welcome lineup fixture.
David Wright David was just 3-for-12 this week, but all three hits were home runs, including a walk-off. If he tosses up a 1.250 OPS every week, nobody would complain.