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This Week In SNY, Week 4: Mets television booth highlights from the past week!

Keith has trouble pronouncing a last name, is "Thick As A Brick", gets sick, is pictured in a cast, and then gets replaced by a gnome. All in the span of a week!

Ready, Mets fans? It's time for This Week In SNY! We're already four weeks into the season, the Mets are playing well, and the SNY crew is going strong. Plus, we have an incredible picture of Steve Gelbs up above. Enjoy it! Here are the highlights from the past week of action.

April 27, 2016

It was time to announce the Reds' defense in the first inning and Keith was so gung-ho to try to conquer a name that he struggled to pronounce correctly all series! It didn't go very well.


Keith: I'm gonna do this! Scott........Schlebler?

Ronnie: Schebler

Keith: Schebler *busts out laughing* in left field! I've had a tough time this whole series with this guy's name, folks.

Gary: If you could've only heard between innings all the attempts that Keith was making to get that name right, I mean he worked SO hard at it. I want you to get credit for the effort.

Keith: And how brave I was on the air to expose myself like that.

We recognize your bravery and your hard work, Keith, but Schebler is not a tough name. In fact, it's only a few letters away from MY last name. So how dare you.

Even with our recognition of his bravery, Keith decided to plan ahead.

Keith: Ronnie, do you have the September trip to Cincinnati or do I have it?

*Gary and Ron crack up*

Ron: That's an interesting segue but I have it, yes I do.

Keith: GOOD!

Gary: You may never have to say his name again, not until 2017!

Anyone have any idea what Keith Hernandez's walk-up music was when he played with the Cardinals?

Keith: You know what my song was in St. Louis?

Gary: You had your own song?

Keith: Yeah, I did!

Gary: Because most people in those days didn't have their own song.

Keith: It just started, so I just said I'll really throw a curveball there. I had Thick As A Brick.

Did anybody think Keith Hernandez would be using a Jethro Tull song? I didn't. (h/t to Tom Reinwald).

We've already made mention of this once before but Keith Hernandez used the phrase "Fancy Dan" to describe Asdrubal Cabrera earlier in the season. He used it again to describe a Neil Walker error.

Wow, this is routine. And he uses two hands! It's in the exchange, so there's nothing "Fancy Dan" about this.

This error moved speedy Billy Hamilton to second. The booth noticed that Hamilton wasn't taking any sort of lead both at first or second base, which prompted them to assume perhaps he was hurt. Then out of nowhere, Hamilton decided he was ready to try to take 3rd base and Keith had a name for him.

Hamilton was playing a little Coy Roy out there, wasn't he?

Gary and Ron enjoyed that one.

Ronnie: What is that, a Paul Simon reference you gave us there? Trying to be coy, Roy?

Gary: Slip out the back, Jack.



Time for the Call to the Post with one out in the bottom of the sixth inning! It was Ron who took the brunt of the surprise Call to the Post this time.

Ronnie: You know, he has so much experience in the minors and the majors, you would think a young man like this...oh, I'm sorry.

Keith: Hold that thought!

Gary: Have you ever noticed that the Call to the Post only occurs when you're in the middle of a sentence?

Ron: Well, one it should and I honestly wasn't sure where I was going with that, so thanks guys.

Gary: You know where you're going? You're going to the Meadowlands!

April 29, 2016

Friday night's game opened with just Gary and Ron. With Gary talking about Steven Matz's warmup tosses just before first pitch, a throaty, nasally-voiced Keith Hernandez suddenly showed up!

Keith: Yeah, he's not really rushing it up there 100% either.

Gary (sarcastically): Oh hi, Keith!

Keith (unamused): Hi, how are you?

Gary: Thanks for joining us, Froggy.

Keith: I don't feel well.

Gary: You don't sound well.

Keith: Every year I get this bronchial thing, you know that.

Nevertheless, Keith only made it through three innings that night. Unfortunately for him, the third inning lasted nearly 40 minutes thanks to the Mets bats. Why you gotta keep sick Keith out there, Mets?

April 30, 2016

Keith was out sick on Saturday, so Gary and Ronnie used that as an opportunity to replace him with a Noah Syndergaarden Gnome!

Gaarden Gnome

The gnome is pretty cool but we could tell pretty quickly that it does not have anywhere close to the comedic appeal and baseball insight of Keith Hernandez.

May 1, 2016

Yoenis Cespedes came up to bat in the first inning which prompted Gary and Ron to mention Yo's big third inning on Friday night. Know who else had a big inning that night? Keith!

Gary: Keith only worked three innings. It was a little longer than he expected!

Ron: That was a little "Elvis left the building moment for us".

Gary: Well, we told him he could leave after the third and the third almost never ended.

Gary relayed that Keith was doing much better thanks to some antibiotics and then SNY popped up this graphic, which cracked the booth up.

Sick Keith

In his memory, Ronnie did his best Keith impression in the second inning while talking about where a speed gun measures pitch velocity.

Now for all you fans at home, this is all relative.

In the ninth inning, Gary and Ron were mystified by the length of the NFL Draft during a Geico Sportsnite plug.

Gary: Another recap of the draft!

Ron: *laughs* Well there's seven rounds. There's lots of guys picked, Gary.

Gary: Is it still going?

Ron: No, Mr. Irrelevant has made an appearance.

May 2, 2016

Woo hoo, Keith is back and healthy!

Gary: Did we mention Keith is with us tonight?

Keith: I'm here!

Gary: Keith, how are you feeling?

Keith: I'm feeling so much better. Oh, camera?

Keith Wave

It's time for Nitpicking with TWISNY and in order to properly nitpick tonight, let's check in with...Doug Williams!


Steve Gelbs got the night off, so it was Doug's time to shine. Ready for your big moment Doug? We can't wait to hear what you have to say! Ready and ACTION:

Doug: ...

Oops, somebody forgot to unmute Doug's mic and it took a good 6 seconds before we were able to hear Doug say something or other about Kevin Plawecki. Boo, SNY. Boo! This has been Nitpicking with TWISNY.

Thanks go out to the always vigilent Chris McShane for keeping a watchful eye, @molliegalchus for capturing the incredible Steve Gelbs cover photo, and @TMBromberger for capturing Keith's body cast photo.

Remember, if you're watching Mets games on SNY and you witness a moment that should be featured in This Week in SNY, send us an email to or tweet it to us (@AmazinAvenue or @_mistermet) with the hashtag #TWISNY!

This Week In SNY was created by former Amazin' Avenue contributor James Kannengieser. You can read all of his entries here. We hope you enjoy this reboot!