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This Week in Mets Quotes: Michael Conforto on fans' energy, Scott Boras compares Harvey to Maddux

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Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

For all you fans worried the Mets are hitting too many home runs.

"I don't think it's streaky. I definitely think we are pretty hot right now. But I think we really have the potential in this lineup to be hitting those kind of home runs throughout the whole season." -Yoenis Cespedes [Mets]

Everybody hits!

"Every ball seemed to find a hole, and then Ces with the big homer. Everybody seemed to be barreling balls up that inning." -Kevin Plawecki [MLB]

I think the starters are enjoying this ‘run support’ novelty.

"[The first start] definitely behind me now. I'm just looking forward now and trying to focus a little more each start and take the positives from each start. ... It's nice to have the run support, for sure." -Steven Matz [MLB]

Party like it's 2015.

"It really does [feel like last year]. I was only there for a couple months last year, but it does feel similar — the energy in the crowd, the energy in here, just the way things were going at the end last year." -Michael Conforto [New York Post]

Love the Mets.

"The team is just playing so great right now. We’re all having quality at-bats. It’s contagious. We’re having a good time." -Michael Conforto [New York Post]

Is getting a 66% passing?

"This [series versus the Giants] is going to be a great test for us this weekend." -Terry Collins [New York Times]

I never knew the significance of Granderson’s socks.

"From high school to professional baseball, no one has told me not to wear it differently. But if the team decided to wear the pants down, I’ll do it but to this day, I wear my socks that way because of the Negro League players who played the game before me. And what an honor it is." -Curtis Granderson [Latino Sports]

Probably shouldn’t have traveled to Jotunheim against Odin’s orders.

"It was just kind of a disappointing start. My last two starts, I haven't felt very comfortable on the mound." -Noah Syndergaard [Mets]

Which is pretty much what he does without a lead, as well.

"Bartolo with a lead, you know he’s going to pound the strike zone, keep the opposing hitters off balance." -David Wright [New York Post]

Can we just go ahead and give Colon a Tim Wakefield-type lifetime contract?

"All of us would love to play with [Colon] for the rest of our careers. He's meant that much to us." -Matt Harvey [Sports Illustrated]

"[Colon’s] taught me everything. He talks to me about baseball, how to be a major leaguer, everything… When I grow up, he's the person I want to be like." -Jeurys Familia [Sports Illustrated]

If Bartolo ever hits a home run, the internet will break.

"Even I was pretty shocked. I don’t think I ever hit a ball as hard as I hit that." -Bartolo Colon [New York Post]

Isn’t that how every pitcher pitches?

"Tough day to pitch with the weather and [Matz] went out and did what he’s been doing lately, throwing strikes, using all his stuff. What he did today is how I think you pitch. You get the ball, get on the mound and throw it." -Terry Collin [New York Post]

Humble Home Runs

"Coming here to a great ball club and being part of that and all the great staff we have here is awesome. I just want to hit the ball on the sweet spot and whatever happens, happens." -Rene Rivera [New York Post]

"I'm seeing the ball pretty well right now and putting the barrel on it and it's leaving the park. It was kind of an odd day. It was raining. I didn't think the ball was carrying very well. But they left the yard. I'll take them any way I can get them." -Lucas Duda [Mets]

Even the Mets players wanted the Syndergaard-en Gnome

"I’m going to get two – one for my son and one for me. I’ll put it in my house…It looks good. It’s cool." -Jeurys Familia [New York Daily News]

Always pick Piazza.

"I saw him in spring training. I said, ‘Don’t forget, I drafted you. The other scouts wanted another guy, but I knew [you] were Italian, so we drafted you. Obviously, it turned out to be the right call." -Mike Piazza [New York Post]

I can’t remember the last time there was a Happy Harvey Day.

"Right now, I’m just not feeling good with my mechanics, not feeling good throwing the ball. It’s frustrating. My body doesn’t feel bad. I don’t feel tired or any downside from the workload last year. I think it’s just, right now, I’m in a funk with my mechanics" -Matt Harvey [New York Times]

Don’t worry, the guy who will get 10% of his contract thinks Harvey will be better than ever.

"When you have a genius, you don’t take him out of fifth grade and graduate him from high school. You may graduate him to the seventh grade. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need time and experience to take its course… There’s something unknown that we’re looking at. There’s an unknown here that’s operating. We’re figuring it out as we go. I’m very confident that Matt is physically healthy and very confident that adjustments will be made…For the sequencing of a great player, you’d always like it to be ideal. The playoffs demand a player to be a great teammate, and Matt Harvey’s intentions always were to be a great teammate. The sequencing of his development from his surgery is something that was not ideal. There is a lot of unknowns that come from that interruption…Unknowns create strengths. When Greg Maddux faced an unknown, that caused him to develop his cutter. Once he developed that cutter, he went on to become a multiple Cy Young Award winner." -Scott Boras [New York Post]

Canadian Smack Talk.

" It’s been great. I’ve enjoyed it a lot more this time. When you first get called up everything is new and exciting and then its gets taken away from you for a couple of years so I just appreciate everything a little bit more and just can soak it in a bit better." -Jim Henderson []

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week/AA Quote of Week

"Never Mind Harvey except for one inning, the bats have been too silent the past three days. If the Mets had been hitting last night, the three runs allowed would have been quite acceptable." -Simon DelMonte

"So you are saying if we had scored more runs than they did, we might have won?" -IPA