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Mets injury update: Travis d'Arnaud shut down after attempting to throw

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It doesn't sound like the catcher will be back anytime soon.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Mets catcher Travis d'Arnaud tried throwing today for the first time since hitting the disabled list with a rotator cuff injury, and it didn't go well. d'Arnaud felt discomfort and was shut down. This injury marks the latest in d'Arnaud long string of injuries, most of which have been unrelated to one another.

While he was off to a slow start to begin this season, with a .196/.288/.261 line, d'Arnaud was an excellent hitter when healthy last year. In 268 plate appearances, he hit .268/.340/.485 and a 131 wRC+, he entered the season as one of the few catchers who had recently hit well above league average. His ability to stay on the field has always been the question mark, though.

In his absence, the Mets are carrying Kevin Plawecki, who has hit .189/.333/.189 with a 55 wRC+ in 45 plate appearances so far this season and didn't hit much better last year, as their starter. They also have Rene Rivera on the roster, and he's known more for his defense than his bat. In three games and 11 plate appearances with the Mets, he's hit .111/.273/.444 with a home run. Still, if d'Arnaud is going to be out for a lengthy period of time, it might make sense for the Mets to try to acquire another catcher from outside the organization.