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Braves hire former Met Buddy Carlyle to be their instant-replay coordinator

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Buddy Carlyle's career as a pitcher appears to be over, but his journey as an instant-replay guru is just beginning.

H.Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

Former Mets reliever Buddy Carlyle has been hired as an assistant coach by the Atlanta Braves, with one of his primary duties being coordinating the Braves' instant-replay protocol during games. The hiring seems to be a direct reaction to the Braves' failure to challenge a replay call last month during a game against the Red Sox, which they ended up losing 1-0.

Carlyle was most recently seen in a Mets uniform during spring training this year. He was cut from the team on March 25 and said at the time that he was unsure if he would continue his pitching career, though he was healthy after having hip surgery in 2015.

Many teams assign someone the task of handling replays during their games. In 2014, the Mets gave their replay coordination duties to scouting assistant Jim Kelly, who neither took the Bills to the Super Bowl nor starred in Enter the Dragon. Like Kelly, Carlyle is also expected to take on scouting duties for the Braves.

During his long and winding MLB career, which began in 1999, Carlyle pitched for the Padres, Dodgers, Braves, Yankees, and Mets. He bounced between the majors, the minors ,and the Japanese league during his career, sometimes spending as many as five years between major league stints. He now presumably finishes his MLB career with an unsightly 5.14 ERA in 292.1 innings.

Carlyle did have one excellent season for the Mets, though, delivering a 1.45 ERA in 31 innings while allowing less than a basrunner per inning in 2014. He was unable to reproduce those results in a disappointing 2015 season that ended with the aforementioned hip surgery.