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Mets draft all college players on second day of draft

Through ten rounds, the Mets haven't selected a player out of high school.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In the third through tenth rounds of the Major League Baseball amateur draft yesterday, the New York Mets selected all college players. All eleven players they've taken in the draft thus far have been out of college. That's unique among drafts of the Sandy Alderson era, as the team leaned more heavily on high school picks in previous drafts.

As for the players the Mets took yesterday:

3rd round: 3B Blake Tiberi, Louisville
4th round: SS Michael Paez, Coastal Carolina
5th round: SS Colby Woodmansee, Arizona State
6th round: RHP Christopher Viall, Stanford
7th round: RHP Austin McGeorge, Cal State Long Beach
8th round: LHP Placido Torres, Tusculum College
9th round: RHP Colin Holderman, Heartland CC
10th round: OF Gene Cone, University of South Carolina Columbia

That rounds out the Mets' draftees so far. With their first three picks in the draft, they took right-handed pitcher Justin Dunn, who Steve Sypa wrote up yesterday, left-handed pitcher Anthony Kay, and first baseman Peter Alonso.