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This Week in Mets Quotes: Matt Reynolds on his first career home run, Jeff Wilpon buys real estate in Panic City

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

Kansas City Royals v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

First career home and first career canned quotes.

"It felt great. I knew I hit it well once it left the bat. I saw Soria throwing a lot of off-speed pitches to the first few batters he faced, so I just went up there with the approach if he hangs an off-speed pitch I’m gonna pull it and if he throws a fastball I’m gonna drive it to the right side. That was probably one of the biggest moments I’ve had in my career as a baseball player, not just including professionally. It was a great feeling just to help the team win and do whatever I can to help the team win." -Matt Reynolds [New York Post]

"It's not ideal to have players go down every single day, but we've got a strong group of guys in here that never stop. We're going to keep playing together and we're going to play hard." -Matt Reynolds [Mets]

"I felt comfortable. I felt like I can go back out there and play again if they need me to. I'm just here to do whatever it takes for the team to win." -Matt Reynolds [Mets]

Beats the Benton’s Bacon that I got my dad for Father’s Day.

"My dad." -Matt Reynolds on who he’s giving his first career home run ball to [Mets]

Unlike Eric Campbell, who never gave all the effort he had.

"One thing Matt [Reynolds] does, he’s making the most of every opportunity that he’s been given. I wanted to get him in the lineup somehow, so I thought I’d stick him in left field because I think he can handle it out there. He’s athletic enough and he handled himself fine. You win with those guys. … Those guys that you can ask them to do anything and he’ll give you all the effort he has." -Terry Collins [New York Post]

Yeah, nobody is dumb enough to panic and overpay…

"If you look at the team as a whole, there aren’t a lot of places where a significant upgrade is possible. But we’re always looking. Time is against us a little bit in the sense that we’re not that close to the trade deadline. I didn’t want to show a huge panic and all of a sudden just starting flipping guys out and start bringing three or four guys up and sending guys out. Because I’m not sure that’s the way to keep things calm" -Sandy Alderson [New York Times]

...oh yeah.

"I think we might need to do something before that, because the deadline is still four to six weeks away. We've got to start playing better baseball now." -Jeff Wilpon [ESPN]

[Insert Obligatory Zoolander Quote]

"[Hansel] Robles pitched his heart out today. He went into the fifth inning. When was the last time he threw that many pitches?" -Travis d'Arnaud [Mets]

I think Cespedes might be in favor of signing Yulieski Gourriel.

"As a person, he’s a great quality person. As a human being, he is an incredible teammate. When I was in Cuba, he was one of the best friends I had. He’s a five-tool player and he can help any team he is with." Yoenis Cespedes [New York Daily News]

And it keeps happening.

"I’m more frustrated with myself about today. I wasn’t very good today. We got out-pitched today, and [the Braves] put up some runs against us. That’s pretty much what happened." -Jacob deGrom [New York Post]

With the way the season has been going, it feels odd to get good injury news.

"When the ball hit me, I prayed to God that my finger wasn’t broken." Bartolo Colon [New York Times]

"As we've talked about in the past, when we hear something like that, especially when we're at home, we're going to get it looked at. It ended up being something similar to what we had a couple of months ago with [Syndergaard] where he said it didn't feel quite right. So we had Dr. [David] Altchek take a look, get an MRI, just to make sure everything structurally was OK. And that was the case. They just put him on some new medication and he's been cleared to pitch." -John Ricco [ESPN]

This plan. I like this plan.

"You have a guy who is pretty in tune with his body, and we're telling them to let us know if anything is going on. If you have veteran guys, they kind of know the rigors of the season and know what's normal soreness, what's not. With the younger guys, we've been telling them: 'Be forthcoming.' That's why I think a lot of this is coming from us as opposed to him. I don't want to paint him as a guy who every minute is, 'Oh, this hurts. That hurts.' Because he's not that at all. We're pretty adamant about him letting us know what's going on. And once we hear anything like that, we're going to have it checked out." -John Ricco [ESPN]

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"MLB will get more exciting? The story link about the SS revival is great news for baseball fans. Once this dumpster fire of a season is over for the Mets, step one is to fire Kevin Long, re-structure DW’s contract, and for Sandy to get to work creating a balanced line up with some speed and plus defense. To hell with this ‘3 outcome’ approach bullshit. I want to see pitching and baseball, not HR/K Derby." -pegleg52

AA Quote of the Week

"Yes but it would have been worse had he not done it. Here’s what happens without Jay’s intervention:

1. Someone notices or hears about Thor going to HfSS

2. Beat writer notices Thor left the game relatively early, after a relatively low number of pitches.

3. Media starts asking random Mets staff and collecting "anonymous" sources (the most dangerous source of them all), and eventually concocts a story about Thor losing his arm in a tragic buffalo stampede between innings.

4. Entire city of NYC erupts in panic and anger

5. World War 3 ensues immediately.

tbh Jay saved humanity." -Reflect