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Mets injury update: Steven Matz has bone spur, may pitch through pain

The lefty has a bone spur that’s causing discomfort.

New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Mets lefty Steven Matz has a bone spur in his left elbow. There’s no ligament damage in the elbow, but the injury is thought to be the source of a nagging discomfort that Matz has felt in his throwing arm. The Mets and their 25-year-old pitcher will hold a meeting on Tuesday to decide whether Matz should continue to pitch through the pain or have surgery to fully remove the bone spur.

Although there is no concern over any long-term elbow injury as a result of the bone spur, the Mets are considering whether the pain may be hindering Matz’s performance. The lefty had a very strong start to the season but hasn’t completed more than six innings in each of his last five appearances. His most recent start against the Braves was particularly worrying, as Matz was hit around for six runs in the fifth inning after soreness reportedly flared up in his left arm.

Whether or not Matz has surgery on the bone spur, the Mets haven’t decided if he will start on Wednesday in Washington. If the Sandy Alderson and the Mets’ medical staff deem Matz healthy enough to pitch, all signs point to surgery at the end of the season to remove the bone spur.