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This Week In SNY, Week 11: Highlights from Gary, Keith, Ron, and the Mets booth!

Keith visits Keith’s Grill, Steve Gelbs interviews The Authenticator, and is a Gary, Keith, and Ron late night show in the works?

Hey there, Mets fans! It’s time for This Week In SNY and we sure have a great one lined up for you today. Let’s get right to all of the SNY booth action.

June 16, 2016

Vroom vroom! Over the past few weeks, SNY has added Chevy ads featuring a car or truck that appears at the bottom of the screen and makes noise.

Ronnie: This show should be on Nickelodeon.

Gary: Or the auto-racing network.

Like the Call to the Post earlier in the season, it’s always good for a laugh from the guys but will eventually just annoy them.

Pirates starter Juan Nicasio looks he’s trying to blow the car off of his jersey. Either that or he’s doing his best impression of the Lance Stephenson meme.

Raise your hand if you would watch a show starring Gary, Keith, and Ron. Now imagine if that show was comprised solely of things they said off the air. Everybody’s raising their hands, right? That topic came up during the 4th inning.

Gary: There are the things we say when the microphones are on and then there are the things we say when the commercial break is on. It’s important to remember the difference!

Ronnie: If we ever get Keith to the point where we’re saying on-air what we say in between the innings, we’re gonna be in big trouble.

Gary: See, but here’s the thing. If they could just do a show about what happens between innings, you guys would be bigger than the Kardashians! It would be reality television at its greatest!

Keith: Well, I don’t know if the world’s ready for it.

Ronnie: It could get ugly fast.

Gary: Let’s just say if they did do that show, it would have to be late night cable.

Keith: It would definitely have to be cable. No question.

Ronnie: Late night.

Gary: Very late.

What are the guys thinking here, exactly? Are Keith and Gary alluding to Cinemax? Pay-Per-View? Something that would be X-Rated?

Keith: After Colbert.

Gary: Maybe a public access channel.

In the top of the 8th inning, Pirates outfielder Matt Joyce hit his 100th career home run. Congrats, Matt!

What’s up now? Oh, you’re trying to get the baseball over to the authenticator but he doesn’t see you? The SNY crew is on the case, with the help of Steve Gelbs! Unfortunately, Mr. Authenticator was busy talking on his cell phone.

Ronnie: Gelbsy, just tell him to get somebody to go get that 100th ball! He doesn’t need to talk anymore.

Gelbs (to Mr. Authenticator): You just got off the phone, are you trying to get that ball?

Mr. Authenticator: What’s that?

Gelbs: Are you trying to get that ball?

Mr. Authenticator (clearly has no clue what Gelbs is talking about): I don’t know...

Mr. Authenticator (realizes he’s on tv): ...yeah, we’re trying to get that ball.

Gelbs: All right, they’re trying to get that ball.

<booth busts out in laughter>

I have a feeling the booth caught Mr. Authenticator in the middle of a private phone call and just assumed he was trying to get the baseball.

Gary: Steve, best interview of the season!

After that moment, Steve tried to tell Mr. Authenticator it was Matt Joyce’s 100th home run ball but the all mighty Mr. Authenticator got another phone call, forcing Steve and the booth to give up.

What happened to Matt Joyce’s 100th home run? A Pirates coach got the ball and put it in his back pocket, so the entire sequence was moot.

June 21, 2016

Can you see who that is down near field level?

It’s Keith Hernandez, sitting in Steve Gelbs’ seat!

After getting the field level vantage point for a few innings, Keith decided to really cater to us here at TWISNY by checking up on Keith’s grill!

Gary: What are you, keeping an eye on the help?

Keith: Every now and again I’ve gotta check on the troops, just to make sure everything’s in tip-top shape! We’ve gotta make sure that our customers at the Keith’s Grill are happy and satisfied, and I see...oh, look at all that bacon! The burgers are being grilled nicely. The guacamole and the chili peppers.

Restaurateur Keith is pretty happy with what he sees!

Keith: And business is booming! We like that. I need to negotiate next year that I get a cut, not a flat fee.

After threatening the manager of Keith’s Grill, saying he’ll come back next time without warning, Keith decided it was time to flip some burgers!

And, of course, he promised to bring burgers back for the entire booth.

June 22, 2016

Keith Hernandez’s noises throughout a game are quite varied, from the sighs to the moans and the all-out groans. During the 3rd inning, he let out one of those sighs and then explained that he has more than one type of sigh!

Keith: That was just an afternoon sigh. A bottom of the third inning sigh on a beautiful afternoon.

Gary: Is that different than the evening sigh?

Keith: Yes. Absolutely. I’m always much more relaxed at an afternoon game. At night, you’re more geared up. This, to me, is baseball. Just a relaxing afternoon watching a ballgame.

So there you have it, Keith has two distinct sighs. Keep your ears open for them, folks!

With Neil Walker up at the plate and runners at first and second, Eric Hosmer ran in as if he was expecting Walker to sacrifice bunt. Keith was having absolutely none of this.

Gary: Hosmer creeping in from first as though he’s expecting Walker to bunt?

Keith: Are you kidding? It’s a cleanup hitter. I don’t understand and he’s kind of playing in no-man’s land here.

Gary: Now they’ve got him behind Cespedes.

Keith: But still. Get back!

If you’re playing first base, upsetting Keith with your odd positioning is a no-no but especially when you’re also busy chatting up the baserunner.

Keith: Hosmer’s chatting up Cespedes over at first base.

Gary: He’s saying “I don’t know how you play this in the National League, I thought you always bunt!”

Keith: I suggest that he gets back further.

<pitch thrown>

Keith: Two strikes now, fourth hitter, bunt was never on. Now it isn’t for sure and Hosmer still hasn’t moved deeper than where he’s at the entire at bat. That is amazing to me.

We all know that no first baseman can measure up to Keith Hernandez defensively. Of course, what makes him Keith Hernandez is that he’s going to let you know it.

Keith: Hosmer’s now, not to pick on him, he’s in a better position now. Could maybe go 5-10 feet deeper.

Gary: Three-time Gold Glover!

Keith: I know. He’s got eight to go!


In the top of the 5th inning, the booth had a visitor that surprised Keith...

Keith: OH! You look spiffy! Come on in, get in the shot. Oh, you’re already in the shot!

That’s right, the Good Humor man stopped by with some treats for the booth!

Gary: What have you got for us? Oh, the King Cone.

Keith: That’s great for my waistline.

Gary asked for a type of ice cream that Good Humor probably doesn’t make anymore and then told Keith a story of how as a kid, little Gary would wait on the curb for the Good Humor man to come by during the summer. Keith feigned interest in it. Sorry, Gare.

That’s all for this edition of TWISNY! Thanks again go out to Chris McShane for always keeping an eye out for us.

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This Week In SNY was created by former Amazin' Avenue contributor James Kannengieser. You can read all of his entries here. We hope you enjoy this reboot!