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This Week In SNY, Week 8: Highlights from Gary, Keith, Ron, and the Mets booth!

An off day and two national broadcasts couldn't slow down the Mets booth over Memorial Day Weekend!

A pleasant good morning, Mets fans! With an off day and a couple of national broadcasts over the Memorial Day weekend, there weren't a lot of games to choose from this week but we still have plenty to catch up on from the SNY crew. Let's get to the highlights!

May 24, 2016

Steve Gelbs spent a few days stalking Steven Matz in between starts. Look, he's come out of hiding! It's okay, Steven. Gelbs won't find you there.

While giving his final report on whatever it was that Matz does to prepare, he was joined by a Mets fan noshing on fries and a Nationals fan going to town on a burger.

It's not exactly George Costanza at the U.S. Open but both were just as blissfully unaware they were on camera as he was.

It's time for Nitpicking with TWISNY and this time, we go to the Verizon Trivia Question!

Pretty good question. Let's check out those answers...

That's right, Mets great Jon Matlock, famously played by Andy Griffith in the tv show created about his incredible post-baseball legal career.

This has been Nitpicking with TWISNY.

May 27, 2016

Is 19-year old Julio Urias husky or chunky? Ronnie and Gary couldn't decide.

Ronnie: He's got a pretty simple motion. Compact, husky kind of pitcher. Uses his legs well. That bent front leg that stiffens out but you want to land on that bent leg if you can. Mechanics are good.

Gary: You say chunky, he used to be chunkier. He lost about 20 pounds since last season.

Ronnie: I said husky. *laughter*

Gary: Okay. Well, I said chunky. Either way, he's not quite as chunky as Fernando was when he came up.

And just in case you thought Keith would chime in here with a wisecrack...

Keith: I am not on the record here. *laughter*

Gary: You're off the record?

Keith: Yes.

Gary: But we're on live tv!

So a "no comment" from Keith on the chunky vs. husky debate. Probably for the better.

How about Keith's Memorial Day plans with his family? In the 6th, he had some trouble remembering his daughter's name.

Keith: Ron, all of your family coming in tomorrow?

Ronnie: Uh, they're not because they were here last week. My son graduated from college so they were all in last week and they couldn't do both weekends. They had a choice and college graduation is more important.

Keith: I've got all my family in, all the daughters. Mary, Jessie...what's the other one? MELISSA! *laughter* Hi, Melissa!

Gary had an incredible zinger for Keith.

Gary: Who are you, Antonio Cromartie? Come on! *laughter*

May 31, 2016

Gary, Keith, and Ron took in the game "al fresco" and had quite an evening of banter.

Statistician Dave Fried gave the booth a mostly useless stat which got him some quick camera time. Keith wasn't terribly impressed.

Gary: By the way, Melky Cabrera's base hit against Steven Matz is the first hit Matz has given up against a number 5 hitter in the lineup all season.

Ronnie: That's unheard of.

Keith: Who gave you that little piece of miscellaneous information?

Gary: That was our expert Dave Fried.

Keith: Dave, don't get carried away over there.

Ronnie: We're outside so he wants to show how good he is so he can get on camera.

In the bottom of the 5th, Steven Matz got a little confused about the batting order and nearly went up to the plate in the wrong spot.

Gary: Matz getting a little laugh at his own expense. There he was out on deck, ready to take the turn at bat, drop the donut. Steven! Steven! Steven! It's not your turn!

Keith: Oh, you know what? These left hand pitchers...

Ronnie: I don't think I've ever seen that before.

Gary: And it's not like he missed by one! He's the 9 hitter and the 4 hitter was due up!

In return, he got roasted by the booth and his teammates.

In the top of the 6th, Arnold the Hot Dog Guy came over to bring the crew some dinner!

Keith gave Arnold a very specific order of "mustard and a pinch of ketchup", to which Ronnie told him "I think you have to put it on yourself, bro."

Ronnie was very disappointed to find out that Keith likes ketchup on his hot dogs and it was even worse when the booth found out that Steve Gelbs is also a ketchup guy!

That is clearly the face of a ketchup eater. How dare you, Steve. Would Kevin eat ketchup on his hot dogs? We don't know but probably not.

What's the downside of sitting in the stands for Gary, Keith, and Ron? People walking in front of them.

Keith: That's right, someone just did with a hat full of ice cream.

Gary: Oh, here comes another one! Hello! How's the ice cream?

Ronnie: Two for two.

Keith: Down in front! *laughter*

Those poor people appeared to have no idea they were on tv despite the giant SNY table cloth behind them. Come on now, guys!

Thanks again go out to Chris McShane for always keeping an eye out for us!

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