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This Week in Mets Quotes: Terry Collins on the state of the team, Lenny Dykstra calls Davey Johnson a drunk

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

New York Mets v Washington Nationals Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

Your 2016 New York Mets.

"We’re just not even giving ourselves chances." -Terry Collins [New York Post]

The ‘worst-case scenario’ is already worse-er.

"We aren't hitting right now, but look, we're two games back in the loss column. We'll take it. The worst-case scenario going into the All-Star break is just don't lose any more ground." -Terry Collins [Mets]

Expectations have been adjusted when the goal is just to play scheduled games.

"We’ve still got 11 [games] before the All-Star break. We’ve just got to go play them." -Terry Collins [New York Post]

/Insert ‘This is fine’ meme.

"(I can) pitch through it with no pain. I'll be ready to go in five days. As long as I'm staying on my anti-inflammatories, and my mechanics are on point, I'm able to go out there every five days and compete." -Noah Syndergaard [AP]

Just in case the current Mets team isn’t providing you with enough sadness.

"[Davey Johnson] was drunk every night and frequently hung over just enough the next day to not know what was going on. That and he was probably the worst communicator I’ve been associated with in baseball." -Lenny Dykstra [New York Post]

Ron Darling comes to Johnson’s defense about being a drunk by…pointing at the scoreboard…

"Lenny is a different kind of guy and I’ve had my own comments about Davey, but I think these are absolutely below the belt. All Davey has to say is, ‘Look at the record.’ Look at Davey’s managerial record, one of the best of all time. I think it was below the belt." -Ron Darling [New York Post]

…well alright, Keith will strongly refute Lenny’s claims…

"Davey liked his vodka, but he was never hung over or drunk on the bench, so I don’t know what Lenny is thinking." -Keith Hernandez [New York Post]

This Week in How Mets Players are Feeling:

Terry Collins is feeling confused.

"I'm scratching [my head] a little bit. But we've got to make sure these guys stay upbeat." –Terry Collins [Mets]

Alejandro De Aza is feeling a little bit upset.

"The thing about me is when I get told to do something and I don't do it to help the team, I get a little bit upset about it. … It's not a good feeling." -Alejandro De Aza [Mets]

Matt Harvey is feeling the best he’s felt all year.

"I’m sure [Harvey will] say it: This is the best he’s felt all year. That’s why it’s a really tough night not to be able to stay out there and pitch a little bit." Terry Collins [New York Times]

Unsurprisingly, Curtis Granderson is feeling upbeat.

"I don’t think we’ve played half our games yet this year, so there’s a lot of things left that can and hopefully will happen. Obviously you wanted to come in here and have different results than we had at this moment in time, but regardless of what would have happened, we’ve still got a lot of games to play, plus a lot of games against this team and everybody else in our division." Curtis Granderson [New York Post]

Hey, at least Logan Verrett is feeling happy.

"I felt like I kept us in the game and gave us a chance to come back and win it. I’m really overall happy with it." Logan Verrett [New York Post]

Congratulations to Brandon Nimmo on making it to the majors.

"Both my parents, my sister, my fiancée and her aunt were able to make it. I had a conversation with them the night I found out and told them, ‘You better figure out a way to make it to Atlanta.’" -Brandon Nimmo [New York Post]

It must be a relief to realize it’s still the same game.

"Actually, after the first pitch in my first at-bat, it was OK. It’s the same game. It’s a big game but same game in just a different environment. "I was more excited than anything to get it going. Coming up for that first at-bat, wondering what it’s like and you go up there and it looks the same. It’s not absolutely coming right by you. So everything was pretty good from that first pitch on out. I really, really enjoyed it." -Brandon Nimmo [New York Post]

I wonder if Jeffrey Paternostro qualifies as ‘one longtime NL talent evaluator’?

"[Amed Rosario] makes all plays look easy, even tough ones. Swings the bat, makes adjustments with breaking pitches. He’s a keeper. They better not trade him." -One longtime NL talent evaluator [Newsday]

I watched Rosario over the weekend and all I can say is I hope there’s someone with knowledge of the Mets’ thinking can assure me that Rosario is going nowhere.

"Rosario is going nowhere." -A person with knowledge of the Mets’ thinking [Newsday]

Presented without comment.

"It was a little emotional here today, just to see the people here still love me. I don’t know what to expect in Citi Field when I get there.’’ -Jose Reyes [New York Post]

"I need to be a better man. Be a better husband. Be a better dad for my girls. I got three girls, I need to be an example for them. I’m a human being. I made a terrible mistake. I say so sorry to everybody. I say sorry to my wife, my dad, my mom, to everybody. They know I’m a better person than that. I paid my suspension to MLB. I went to counseling. I’m going to continue to be going again to counseling, whatever it takes. They will see a man who stands up for his mistake.’’ -Jose Reyes [New York Post]

"It was a very, very tough situation in Colorado and I think it really led to some of his problems. I’d never seen Jose down and he was depressed in Colorado.’’ -Peter Greenberg, Jose Reyes’ agent [New York Post]

"I’m a human being. I made that one mistake. It was a terrible mistake. I’m so sorry for that mistake. I’ve apologized to everyone. I’ve never been in trouble before. I need a second chance." -Jose Reyes [New York Post]

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"We definitely have [hit rock bottom]. The Nats just aren’t a very good team, so we’ll still be able to hang around." -Afrosupreme

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"That Bingo lineup would have a good shot against the ML team. I meant that both as a compliment to them, and a slight to the ML team." -Ouch, I bumped my Shinjo