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Noah Syndergaard ranks #10 in MLB jersey sales

Jacob deGrom and David Wright also made the top 20.

Washington Nationals v New York Mets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

With an electrifying World Series run came a newfound interest in the New York Mets franchise. And with that excitement came an increase in jersey sales— according to sales figures from, the Mets have three players in this year’s top 20 best-selling jerseys.

The most sought-after Mets jersey in 2016 has been Noah Syndergaard’s; only nine players in all of baseball have seen better jersey sales than the tall right-hander. Jacob deGrom’s jersey comes in at number 12, while David Wright’s jersey sits at number 17. The Mets are one of only five teams to have multiple players in the top 20; the Royals have four and the Cubs have three, while both the Giants and Red Sox have two.

The best-selling jersey of the year belongs to David Ortiz, who announced his retirement before the season and is having arguably his best year as a professional. Interestingly, eight of the top ten jerseys come from National League players.

It may seem surprising that Yoenis Cespedes’s jersey is not on the top 20 given his immense popularity, but perhaps fans are wary of buying a jersey for a player who could very well be wearing a different jersey of his own next season. If Cespedes were to refrain from opting out or re-sign in the offseason, it is likely that he would appear on this list next season.