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Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 195: Piazza, Hall of Fame Catcher, with guest Jay Jaffe

We celebrate the best offensive catcher of all time and complain about the current team.

Welcome back to Amazin' Avenue Audio. This week, we take an extended look at one of the best Mets of all time, and cover all the recent events in the Mets’ world.

First up, Brian Salvatore and Chris McShane talk about the Mets’ rotation, bullpen, and center field situations (1:43), Next up, Aaron Yorke creates a scenario where Mike Piazza returned to the Mets for their 2006 National League championship season (46:49).

Lukas Vlahos joins the Piazza party with this week’s weekly stat (52:49), before we get to our main event.

Jay Jaffe joins Chris over some beers at Gun Hill Brewery to talk about only the second player ever inducted into the Hall of Fame, Mike Piazza (1:01:21). You can find Jay’s work on, and you should both follow him on Twitter (@Jay_Jaffe), and do some reading on his JAWS metric at Baseball Prospectus.

Finally, Kate Feldman gives us a Panic City Meter that, sadly, highlights the futility of the Mets’ bats right now (2:10:01).

You can follow all of our contributors on Twitter: Brian (@BrianNeedsaNap), Chris (@chrismcshane), Lukas (@lvlahos343), Kate (@kateefeldman), and Aaron (@apy5000).

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