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Mike Piazza’s emotional Hall of Fame speech

As he was inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame, Mike Piazza shared memories from his career in an emotional, humble speech in Cooperstown.

2016 Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

When the Mets acquired Mike Piazza from the Florida Marlins in 1998, they knew they were getting a difference-maker. A power-hitting catcher who would be a stalwart in the middle of their lineup for the rest of the season. Little did they know, they were getting a franchise legend and a Hall of Famer.

After waiting for this day for so many years, Mike Piazza was finally inducted into Cooperstown yesterday alongside Ken Griffey Jr. The legendary catcher gave an emotional speech, thanking a number of special people who helped to get him from his childhood and adolescence, and through his tenure in professional baseball.

Piazza opened his speech by saying of Cooperstown,

“The only way I thought I’d be here with you is if I bought a ticket.”

The message of his speech is best described as both humble and thankful to those who have helped him.

“It’s a testament to our great country and game that dreams can come true. You just need to be willing to pay the price."

Personally, Mike Piazza was a hero of mine growing up. It’s an incredible joy to see him get inducted into the Hall of Fame in a Mets cap after giving myself and so many Mets fans such great memories throughout his time with the team. We love you, Mike!