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Mets trade rumors: Jonathan Lucroy still being discussed by Brewers and Mets

The Brewers and Mets could still make a big trade.

Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

While the Mets seem most confident that they will trade for a bullpen arm before the non-waiver deadline on August 1, Ken Rosenthal says the Brewers “re-engaged the Mets today” on Jonathan Lucroy. He says discussions between the teams are continuing but there’s no sign that a deal is close.

Before that report, the most recent Mets-Lucroy rumor was that the teams were discussing a deal that would include Travis d’Arnaud and potentially one or more Brewers relief pitchers. Sandy Alderson had told reporters the other day that a prominently-rumored trade offer was “dead on arrival.” The Lucroy rumor was the only significant one out there at the time.

Lucroy has hit .300/.361/.486 with 13 home runs and a 121 wRC+ this year for Milwaukee. He has a .284/.343/.437 career line with a 111 wRC+, though he’s been well above league average in four of the past five seasons, including this one. He also has a strong defensive reputation. Our own Lukas Vlahos took a dive into projecting Lucroy’s and d’Arnaud’s performance over the coming years.