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Matt Harvey to undergo surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome


MLB: Atlanta Braves at New York Mets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Harvey has decided to undergo surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome, a shoulder condition we learned about yesterday and for which the Mets placed Harvey on the disabled list on Wednesday.

The procedure, which involves removing a rib, will be performed in St. Louis by Dr. Robert Thompson. The anticipated recovery time is reportedly four months, which means Harvey’s 2016 season is almost certainly over. Even if the Mets make the playoffs, the recovery timetable suggests he still won’t pitch in a Mets game until 2017.

Harvey has struggled for most of the season, and according to Jon Heyman he “has had trouble commanding the baseball due to loss of feeling in his fingertips since spring training.”

Harvey’s 4.86 ERA (3.50 FIP) is by far the worst of his career. His strikeout rate—just 7.4 per nine innings—is almost two off his career average. He’s also been far more hittable, allowing almost 11 hits per nine innings compared to a career norm of fewer than eight.

With any luck, the surgery will be a resounding success and the Mets can look forward to a healthy Matt Harvey next spring.