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Mets trade rumors: New York still in on Jonathan Lucroy

The team could pull of two big deadline deals this afternoon

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Milwaukee Brewers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Despite reports that Jay Bruce is heading to the Mets for Brandon Nimmo and two prospects, it appears that the Mets are still in on the Jonathan Lucroy sweepstakes. Buster Olney tweeted that the Mets could still land the Brewers’ catcher before the 4pm non-waiver trade deadline. While neither player is of the caliber of Yoenis Cespedes, last year’s trade deadline deal, the combination would certainly bolster the Mets’ lethargic offense.

Ken Rosenthal tweeted that the Brewers reportedly want Dilson Herrera in any deal for Lucroy, which would still include Travis d’Arnaud. That package might be too much for the Mets, who have been counting on Herrera (most likely) taking over at second base in 2017.

Lucroy, as we’ve written about a number of times this week, would be an immediate upgrade for the Mets at catcher offensively. Both he and Bruce are under team control for 2017 as well, making the deals more appealing to the Mets, and also acting as protection in case Yoenis Cespedes opts out of his deal with the Mets and signs elsewhere.

Rumors earlier in the week tied Travis d’Arnaud and Brandon Nimmo to the deal for Lucroy, but with Nimmo seemingly going to Cincinnati in the Bruce trade, it will be interesting to see who else would be going to Milwaukee in the deal. This past weekend, Lucroy vetoed a trade to the Cleveland Indians, who were one of eight teams on his no-trade list. The Mets do not appear to be on that list.

And just in the past few minutes, Jon Heyman now claims the deal is on ‘life support.’ This is most likely not the last time this story changes in the two and a half hours until the trade deadline.