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This Week in Mets Quotes: Terry Collins tries to rally the troops, Long saddened by A-Rod’s retirement

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Your 2016 New York Mets: We have to find a way to get something done eventually.

"I thought that would be a game that we would win and carry some momentum. It's unfortunate. We have to find a way to get something done eventually." –Kelly Johnson [Mets]

The Mets would proceed to put themselves out of the game.

"The way I was feeling tonight, yeah [I was swinging for the fences]. With a guy throwing a lot of fastballs, and getting into a hitter's count there, it was a good opportunity to try and get under one. I was lucky to square it up and put us in the game." –Kelly Johnson [Mets]

The Diamondbacks were exactly who we thought they were, and we let them off the hook.

"We knew they were an aggressive-running team coming in. They're doing exactly what we talked about." -Travis d’Arnaud [Mets]

Yeah, Ty Kelly, Matt Reynolds, and Rene Rivera, you got to earn it.

“Certainly because we’ve been through it before and it’s still fresh in our mind a year ago, we’ve been through these tough times, but we’re just not coming through when we need to as we did a year ago. I hope they don’t just think it’s just gonna happen. You have to make things happen in this league. They just don’t happen. The talent’s too good here. You have to go out and you got to earn it. You’re not given anything here.” –Terry Collins [New York Post]

Debatable about the talent and good team, but good attitude.

“It’s important to stay positive. We still got a lot of talent and a good team. … We got to find a groove here soon.” –Kelly Johnson [New York Post]

As opposed to the other times of the year.

“This is the time of year you have to get on a roll.” -Neal Walker [New York Times]

It’s that time of year where you pray for sneaking into the playoffs.

“That’s what we talk about every day. ‘Hey, look, guys, OK, we’ve got a lot of guys hurt. Big deal . . . Alls we’ve got to do is get it going. It doesn’t really matter where you finish if you finish and you get in there.” –Terry Collins [Newdays]

I’ve waited all year for a ‘just trying to score one more run than the other team’ quote.

“We’re grinding. The guys aren’t really worried about what the numbers say. They’re not getting down. They’re focusing on scoring at least one more run than the other team at the end of the day.” -Neil Walker [Newsday]

It’s almost like the Mets were too functional as a franchise and Paul wanted a bigger challenge.

“Why? Twenty years in baseball, to be honest. I really did think long and hard about what could I really contribute to a football team. I also knew that I was literally at ground zero when it came to working football knowledge. Baseball had become my world, and to leave that all behind to embark on something new and different was a little scary at first.” –Paul DePodesta [New York Post]


“It’s been one step forward and two steps back for us. But we’re playing hard. This is a hard time of year.” -Neil Walker [New York Times]

At least Matz’ bone spurs are good.

“It’s good. It’s doing really good. I’m feeling good, and I’m pitching [tonight against Arizona], so I’m ready for that.” –Steven Matz [Newsday]

Spoiler Alert: Tomorrow did not go well.

“It’s definitely frustrating. Each of us individually still has to go about our business and our own work. We can’t worry. This game is over, and we’ve got to focus on tomorrow.” –Steven Matz [New York Times]

Spoiler Alert: Still waiting for that start.

"We've got to start a streak. We've got to start someplace, and we'll take it." –Terry Collins [Mets]

Here’s Kevin Long’s feelings toward Alex Rodriguez’s retirement everyone was waiting for.

"I am a little saddened by it all. I know it's not the way [Alex Rodriguez] wanted to go out, the way he envisioned going out. So I know as well he's handling it. I know it's tough on him. I am going to miss what he brought to the table. I enjoyed him in the clubhouse, I enjoyed the effort he always gave me, the help he gave me, he was always a guy who loved to work, loved to learn, I didn't really consider him a superstar for the fact he was always more of a blue-collar type guy." –Kevin Long [New York Daily News]

In honor of the 2016 Olympics:

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week - Gold Medal


"I am really really really really happily married!"

Question: How many times must I say "really" until you say, "Hey, do you want the number of a good divorce attorney?"

You’d be correct.

Question: How many times must Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson attempt to persuade us that Cespedes did NOT injure himself playing golf?

Keep an eye on Sandy. He does not take insult well. He had to go through Cespedes’ "people" to send a message.

Remember: even if Cespedes breaks Babe Ruth’s post season home run record, does not mean he will want him back.” -Peter Hyatt

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week - Silver Medal

“Sandy also mentioned Spring Training. Cespedes set the stage for showmanship and not hustle and team. The young players followed him for 25 million reasons.

This is a team that may actually be better off without him. We do not execute fundamentals and this is psychology.” -Peter Hyatt

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week - Bronze Medal

“I think only the older fans would understand why "team" matters and why sacrificing oneself for the team was something we upheld as principle. This is why I referred to Gil Hodges, a man Tom Seaver said he both "loved and feared" and the removal of Cleon Jones (.340 1969 average). Cespedes may be on his…6th team in 7 years soon? Is that because everyone wants him? there is more to baseball than metrics. See: Daniel Murphy’s impact in the club house and on the field, in spite of his fielding woes.” -Peter Hyatt

AA Quote of the Week

“Hey there friend

1) Please post with subject lines

2) Please use the reply button within the same discussion about Cespedes, so that I may collapse all of your posts at once.” -bjk3047