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Final Score: Giants 8, Mets 1—Hateful Eighth kills off New York

What the Mets did tonight—particularly in the eighth inning—hardly resembled major league baseball, thusly wasting Seth Lugo's nice performance on the mound. Just don't ask him to run the bases.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Seth Lugo did yeoman's work tonight in his first big league start, keeping the game tied 1-1 into the seventh, but the bullpen stepped into a pitchers' duel and smeared their greasy fingers across its face, resulting in an 8-1 drubbing at the hands of the Giants.  With the loss and the Cardinals' comeback win over the Phillies, the Mets are now 5.5 games out of the last NL playoff spot with 40 games to play.

Lugo was highly efficient, using only 69 pitches to get to two outs in the seventh, but he was pulled at this point with two runners on base. Both would score on back-to-back hits against Jerry Blevins. That served as a mere prelude to disappointment, as the wheels fell off in the bottom of the eighth inning.

Josh Smoker made his major league debut in the eighth and recorded one out while giving up two hits. He was charged with two runs when Jeurys Familia failed to glove a possible inning-ending double play ball and Asdrubal Cabrera threw a ball away. Erik Goeddel then served up a gopher ball which made sure everyone on the East Coast went to bed.

The Mets actually opened the scoring with a Curtis Granderson home run, but would fail to dent the scoreboard again despite 11 hits. Base-running blunders by Lugo, Jose Reyes (otherwise 4-for-4), and Yoenis Cespedes helped prevent any further runs, as did a key double play ball by Jay Bruce with two runners on in the top of the fateful, hateful eighth.

You can find a full recap here.

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