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This Week In SNY: Blue Blockers, potassium, and a parasol

Our recap of July highlights from the SNY booth with Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, and Steve Gelbs.

A pleasant good morning, everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve updated the musings of the SNY booth here at TWISNY but we’re going to catch you up on all of the Gary, Keith, and Ron action we’ve missed over the past few weeks. We’ll finish up July but before we start, make sure you put on sun screen or get Tom to hold a parasol over you just like Keith!

July 16

Leading off the game, Jose Reyes dunked a single into center field, a hit which Keith likened to “the kind of shot you need right now in the British Open”. Gary had no clue what Keith was talking about and referred to him as an expert with “the woods and the irons”. This led to Keith bringing up Ronnie’s golf acumen and another skill of his.

Keith: You know that Ronnie is not only a terrific golfer and a a terrific pitcher, and probably a terrific hockey player. He’s a tremendous tennis player. I played tennis with him and his serve! He’s very athletic. And you know it’s the truth because I’m saying it.

Gary: (laughing) Wow, that’s cold right there.

As this discussion was taking place, the SNY cameras focused in on this happening in the dugout:

Gary: Well, Syndergaard and deGrom are having fun.

Keith: Good for them! It’s a long year.

Gary: I guess they’re tuning us out, Keith.

Apologies to Ronnie, I guess they had no interest in hearing about his apparently superior tennis skills (what do you mean the players don’t actually hear the broadcast in the dugout?!?!?!).

In the bottom of the 3rd, Keith took a dig at the YES Network’s booth and their dip in the ratings.

Keith: Mattingly was a hell of a player.

Gary: But it was great when the two of you were playing in New York at the same time!

Keith: Don’s numbers before he hurt his back, go look it up. He had incredible offensive numbers. He had 9 Gold Gloves! I don’t think anybody remembers that, unless you’re a Yankee fan.

Gary: Well their game’s over so they might be watching. Cater to the Yankee fans.

Keith: Oh, well we’re up on the ratings a little bit, aren’t we?

Gary: (laughing) I wasn’t gonna bring that up.

July 17

SNY opened the top of the 5th with this classic Keith Hernandez photo!

That’s Keith wearing his Blue Blockers sunglasses with the “hair by Liberace”, as he put it. Keith was not pleased with his hair.

Keith: What was I thinking with that moss?

Gary: Mustache looks substantially the same.

Keith: Yeah, I needed a haircut, that’s what it was. I probably shampooed my hair and it was a little unmanageable.

Gary: That was back in the days of big hair.

Keith: Well I grew my hair, I liked my hair long. I liked to grow it long when I played. I like it short now. I get lazy.

Gary: Now you’re 30 years down the road. That’s a lot of hair care.

Keith: (looks longingly) Yes, I’m 62 years old. Who would’ve thought I’d get this far?

Wow, that took quite a dramatic turn! Anyway, that hair still looks pretty long to us, Keith.

It’s time for Health Class With Dr. Keith!

In the 7th inning, Gary mentioned a story about Cubs pitcher Jason Hammel, who was dealing with cramping in his right thumb during his starts. A doctor told Hammel to eat potato chips to keep his thumb from cramping and sure enough, it worked!

Whether or not Hammel wanted it, Dr. Keith was ready to provide him a second opinion.

Gary: The doctor told him that the potassium in potato chips would help relieve the cramping, so between innings yesterday, Jason Hammel is sitting in the dugout eating potato chips. His hand didn’t cramp at all. He called it the “Potato Chip Cure”.

Keith: Bananas are high in potassium.

Gary: Yeah. But wouldn’t you rather eat potato chips?

Keith: Bananas have sugar, too. When you’re out there and you need more fuel, when you’re starting, a banana would be better. Lot of fat in potato chips.

You hear that Jason Hammel? Go with the bananas, they’re less fattening. But wait, there’s more! Dr. Keith read an article on this topic.

Keith: Not being funny, I read an article where if you had three bananas for breakfast before you went out to work, the sugar content and potassium working out about an hour on that’ll be sufficient fuel. Now all you fans, don’t get all bent out of shape and start tweeting.

It sure seems like Dr. Keith knows that there’s always money in the banana stand. Or maybe he’s just trying to supply his local banana stand with money after its owner burned it down. That’s sweet, Keith.

July 19

With Noah Syndergaard on the mound, Steve Gelbs reported that Syndergaard pulled back on his in between start mound sessions and instead of throwing 30-35 pitches as he normally did, he would throw just 15 fastballs.

Throughout the 11 seasons of SNY broadcasts, we here at TWISNY have come to notice that Ron Darling will not give himself any credit for his pitching career. This brought out our good pal Bashful Ronnie!

Ronnie: That’s a good report, Steve. During the process of a season, if you’re really pitching well, there’s no need to throw a lot in the bullpen. You’re just wasting pitches. Better just to go out there and throw a few fastballs on the outside corner and call it a day. You will spend some time spinning the ball with teammates in the outfield. I threw a split-finger, I would never throw that because it was so taxing on my arm. I just stayed away from that pitch except on gameday.

Gary: Really? That’s fascinating. How would you retain the command of a pitch like that if you didn’t throw it between starts?

Bashful Ronnie: Because there’s absolutely no talent to throwing that pitch. Really it’s only the grip. You grip it as far as you can and then you just throw it as hard as you can.

Awww Ronnie, no! No talent? Come on, don’t say that about your splitter! Don’t forget that this is on your resume...

Your splitter was much better than your Shallow Hal cameo, Ronnie.

July 26

The Mets played a doubleheader against the Cardinals on July 26 and for game one, only Gary and Ronnie were in the booth to announce the game. But wait just a second! In the third inning...

Who is this person pulling up to Citi Field in the shiny, blue BMW convertible?

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! It’s Keith Hernandez, here to join Gary and Ronnie for Game Two!

The guys gave Keith an earful as he strolled up to the ballpark under a parasol, wearing an Underdog t-shirt, colorful striped shorts, and flip flops.

Gary: Hi Keith! Nice car.

Ronnie: Are flip flops allowed in the booth? (Gary busts out laughing)

Gary: I’m glad that our buddy Tom has the parasol for Keith so he doesn’t get too sunburned.

Ronnie: Who is he, Puff Daddy? What’s going on?

Nice topical Puff Daddy reference by Ronnie. The guys then spent time trying to figure out why Keith got the day game off.

Gary: So let me understand. Keith was here last night, the game got rained out, and you’re back here and doing both games of the doubleheader. But Keith wasn’t up to playing both games?

Ronnie: He played enough games as a player. He’s decided no more doubleheaders for him.

Good for Keith! The man is a national treasure, he’s clearly earned the right to save his bullets as he gets older.

That’s all for this edition of TWISNY! Thanks again go out to Chris McShane for always keeping an eye out for us.

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