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This Week in Mets Quotes: Jay Bruce on New York City, Wilmer Flores on whether or not you can assume

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

New York Mets v New York Yankees Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Your 2016 New York Mets: We’ve All Just Got to Believe.

"We all experienced last year, coming back and taking over. We've all just got to believe." -Travis d'Arnaud [Mets]

Spoiler Alert: It did not get them going a little bit.

“It’s a huge win for us. We can’t look at anything but ourselves. We can’t look at where we are in the standings. We can’t look at the scoreboard. We’ve got to take care of our own business and I thought today, this was a big win for us and it gets us going a little bit.” -Terry Collins on the Mets Sunday win over the Rockies [New York Post]

Can’t decide if Angry Wilmer > Sad Wilmer

“All I know is you can’t fucking assume. You can’t assume he’s going to catch the ball. I don’t know what the rule is, but watching the video, you can’t fucking assume.” -Wilmer Flores [New York Post]

Well at least De Aza is feeling great.

"Great, great. I'm having an opportunity to be out there, and try to help the team win games." -Alejandro De Aza [Mets]

To be fair, most of the players Niese was talking about are on the DL/in Washington.

“I know my teammates and I think they knew what I meant by what I said. And from what I said, I never really meant to criticize the Mets’ defense. All I really said was that I was excited to pitch in front of the Pirates’ defense, so it’s unfortunate the way it got turned around, because it’s certainly not what I meant by it. But I have talked to a lot of the guys in the clubhouse and they respect me and I respect them and I’ve always loved them from the first time that I have played with them.” –Jon Niese [New York Post]

It’s always a bit awkward going back to your old job.

“I knew the Mets organization — they have treated me well my whole career. I knew how highly they thought of me. I just feel honored they wanted me back.” –Jon Niese [New York Post]

Fun fact: Neil Walker is subleasing Jon Niese’s Upper East Side apartment.

"Knowing the type of guy Neil is, I highly doubt that he's trashed it." -Jon Niese [New York Times]

The pitching (good) and offense (bad) have been pretty consistent all year.

"It's pretty frustrating because we've had to battle through a lot of things and we have been. We've just gotten ... inconsistent. It's pretty frustrating, but it's the game, and we've still got to fight through it." –Terry Collins [Mets]

Jay Bruce is already fitting in with the team culture.

"I try not to put too much pressure on hitting with guys on, runners in scoring position, quote unquote 'big spots' like that. It didn't work out there. Obviously, I would have liked to at least put the ball in play. But I'm guessing it's not going to be my last opportunity." –Jay Bruce [Mets]

Strong words from a guy ready to fight Matz for ‘ intentionally hitting’ him in the ankle.

“That was funny. After three or four pitches, he was staring at me and thinks I have his signs. So I just started having fun with him. I didn’t have his signs. I was breathing. I’ve never gotten inside someone’s head just standing there. It’s a talent, I guess. Listen, if you think I have your signs, just change them. Don’t try to challenge me to a duel.” –Mark Teixeira [New York Times]

d’Arnaud loves New York.

“Any time the thought would come into my head, I just reminded myself I can’t control it. That probably helped me a lot. It helped me get through that week … not even a week. I am glad to be here. I do love this city, I love this organization. I’m ready to get back to the playoffs and finish what we started last year.” –Travis d’Arnaud [New York Post]

Remember when his ceiling was a high-leverage bullpen piece?

“I feel like I’m close [to last year’s form]. I definitely feel a lot more comfortable on the mound these last few starts, especially these last two, than I did earlier in the year.” –Jacob deGrom [New York Post]


“Not really.” –Noah Syndergaard on if his stuff was the same as it had been from the first months of the season [New York Post]

Let’s hear some quotes from the new guy.

"I felt a little out of place for the first couple of innings, honestly. The way we won tonight obviously makes that 0 for 4 a little better." -Jay Bruce [New York Times]

"I know he was nervous. Even though he's an experienced major league player and a star in the big leagues, going to a new town and all the hoopla and you want to make an instant impact. But he'll settle in. He's going to make a big difference in our club." -Terry Collins [New York Times]

"There's an instant kind of recharge to the battery, getting in there to a pennant race and playing baseball that matters. -Jay Bruce [New York Times]

"One of the dirtiest pitches I've ever been thrown was by Jeurys Familia.” -Jay Bruce [New York Times]

"I feel like I've been getting traded to the Mets for over a year now” -Jay Bruce [New York Times]

"I think New York can be as big and fast as you want it to be. I plan on finding my niche and just being myself. I'm not going to have a car here, so I'm going to have to use a lot of different modes of transportation." -Jay Bruce [New York Times]

In honor of the 2016 Olympics:

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week - Gold Medal

“Welp! Good news is Cespedes asking price with his latest antic probably dropped enough to where he won’t opt out. Bad quad injury, on top of playing golf with said quad injury, but not playing the game your paid $25 mil to play. Thanks Yoenis, see you next year!”? -focker5183

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week - Silver Medal

“For the ppl that only rely on stats, I say a good fight or a good clubhouse guy makes a big difference.

Hell look at the uribe effect. Guy ends every season in the playoffs. Look at puig for instance his stats with uribe on the team vs not on the team it’s crazy.

Remember we got uribe and David was able to return 2 months later, we got cespedes, Murphys quad healed, and won every game he had at least one at bat in the World Series.

Now look at Cleveland up 5 games before the trade lucroy tells them to F off, Salazar is now on the dl, carrassco gets bombed and they get swept by the twins.

Just bring back uribe he’s more powerful than that Hawaiian totem idol in that Brady bunch episode. Omg I’m getting old bc I realize half the board won’t know about that Brady bunch episode” -Catastrophic

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week - Bronze Medal

“Spring Training was a disaster. Serious baseball went out the window replaced by Cespedes’ cars and dying hair, horse back, and lengthy poses for ESPN, and beer central. Sacrifice and Execution of top notch fundamentals went out the window. Team discipline would soon also leave with David Wright’s neck. The arrogance and "fun" was a precursor to what was to come.” -Peter Hyatt

AA Quote of the Week

“One guy out for the year, one under the knife, one to the DL, one on his way back - in other words, it’s Thursday.” -aquarian0