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This Week in Mets Quotes: Jay Bruce is fired up by home crowd boos, Terry Collins is proud of his team

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

Miami Marlins v New York Mets Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Your 2016 New York Mets: They’ve hung in there.

"I took 30 seconds and told them how proud I was of the fact that they've hung in there. Through all the midsummer injuries and all the different things that have happened, they've hung in there." –Terry Collins [Mets]

Glad Kelly Johnson is being honest with us.

"It's nice to look up in September and we're still right in the middle of it. It's there. You talk about the Wild Card, you've got half the teams still in the race there. Honestly, we've just got to win." –Kelly Johnson [Mets]

Still waiting for someone to give Jon Niese’s 2016 eulogy.

"It's a massive hit. Losing anybody that you've been counting on, and having such a great year—Neil's been, not just on the field but in here, he's a positive attitude and upbeat, has fun, loves playing the game. It rubs off on us." -Kelly Johnson [Mets]

This might be the most incoherent quote of the year.

"All of the stuff that has to come together to reach a decision, to me, is mind-boggling. All the different pieces that have to be put in place ... we're certainly very disappointed that it's come to this. [Neal Walker] had a tremendous year for us, but certainly he makes the decision in his best interest." –Terry Collins [Mets]

Well I hope his teammates appreciate it…

“[Would Cabrera have played if it wasn’t against a playoff contender?] I don’t think so. But we’re in this situation right now…I want to be there for the team.” –Asdrubal Cabrera [Newsday]

…oh, they do.

“As a teammate, we appreciate that from him. That means he wants to win too, like us. He doesn’t feel too good but he finds a way to stay on the field. So, that’s good to see.” –Jose Reyes [Newsday]

Stop saying ‘Bruuuce’ and start Booing.

“I know the New York fans are passionate and they care a lot. No one wants to get booed, but in a way, it fires me up. They expect a certain level of impact from me … They haven’t gotten it yet.” –Jay Bruce [New York Post]

This is good advice for fans too.

“The best I can describe it is as fun. It’s a lot of fun. You’re going to have roller-coaster seasons. Everybody goes through them. You got to keep your head level, and keep working.” –Seth Lugo [New York Post]


“I don’t have any words to describe it. This is the third time in my career I’ve hit a home run to win a game and I just don’t have any words.” –Yoenis Cespedes [Daily News]


“[The walk off celebtration] wasn’t planned. Reyes was telling me to take it easy because I’m coming off an injury. It just played itself out that way.” –Yoenis Cespedes [Daily News]

“I think the energy we’re having is taking us back to the last two months of last season. The desire, the motivation, we’re not giving up until the last out.” –Yoenis Cespedes [New York Post]


"I walked six batters. But, thank God, I was able to get out of the jams.” –Rafael Montero [Mets]

Unlike, AA commenters, Flores doesn’t care if he’s facing a righty.

"Righty, lefty, I don't really care who's out there. I have the same approach. Whenever you're feeling good, you hit righties, lefties, it doesn't matter. I feel good against anybody." –Wilmer Flores [Mets]

The other starters don’t get that the Mets want them to pitch deep into games.

“That’s what [Bartolo Colon] does. It’s very comforting. You might go three or four days where you burn your bullpen out and all of a sudden he pops up and you say, ‘You know what? He gets it. He knows he’s got to give us some length tonight.’” –Terry Collins [New York Post]

He’s Thor not Poseidon, amirite?

“Very happy we won....but I want the name and address of the person who started the "Wave" tonight. #banthewave#resisttheurge” –Noah Syndergaard [Twitter]

Terry Collins on starting Gsellmen, Montero and Lugo.

“I probably haven’t sent three guys out in a row like this — ever. But that’s where we’re at.” –Terry Collins [Newsday]

I guess Reyes is a Bill Belichick fan.

“Reyes has a saying around the team that says, ‘Do your job,’ so that’s what we’re feeding off, just do our jobs on a daily basis.” –Yoenis Cespedes [New York Post]

I’m going to miss the Phillies paying Ryan Howard $25 million.

“When I reached first base, Ryan Howard asked me if I wanted any water.” –Bartolo Colon on rounding first during his double [Daily News]

Every person needs to know their limit.

“[How about a triple in his next start?] No chance.” –Bartolo Colon [Daily News]

SiteBot FacePalm/AA Quote of the Week

“Lineup: Why is Granderson batting fifth? He should be batting 8th. Flores should be batting cleanup not Kelly Johnson. Even though my three-legged, one-eyed German Shepherd can hit better than Bruce, I would have benched Granderson and given Bruce the chance to start. If we can get a couple of runs early so that nervous Nellie whacko Montero has something to work with, maybe, just maybe we win this game. I’m feeling a key home run from Cespy tonight—he will try to carry us.” –Mozsanity