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Wilmer Flores to visit doctor about lingering wrist injury

Flores is still feeling the effects of his head-first slide into home plate.

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin Liles/Getty Images

During Saturday’s game with the Atlanta Braves, Wilmer Flores collided with catcher A.J. Pierzynski at home plate. Trying to score the go-ahead run from second in the eighth inning, Flores was tagged out on the play as he slid head-first into home. Following the game, the Mets announced he had a neck contusion and Flores himself said he was hurting badly.

Four days later, Flores still hasn’t appeared in a game, and he now says he will visit a doctor Thursday morning to have his right wrist examined,’s Anthony DiComo reported. An X-ray after the game showed no broken bones in the wrist, but Flores has not been able to swing a bat since the collision.

The play drew scrutiny because after the loss Mets manager Terry Collins said he got distracted thinking of upcoming pitching matchups and admitted he should have removed Flores for a pinch runner after he doubled. With teams playing with expanded rosters in September, New York had plenty of options to replace Flores on the basepaths, including Brandon Nimmo, Alejandro de Aza, and Ty Kelly.

Flores has had a streaky 2016 season. Overall, he’s hit .267/.319/.469, line but he has destroyed lefties all year, with a .340/.383/.710 line and 11 of his 16 home runs against them.