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This Week In SNY: Highlights from the Mets TV booth from late August

Keith tests out a new telestrator, the 2016 Kidcaster joins the gang in the booth, and a picture of Gary’s long hair from his Columbia days!

Hey, Mets fans! It’s time for the latest edition of This Week In SNY, where we’ll look back at some of the highlights from Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling in the SNY booth from late August. In this edition, Keith drinks the juice of the cacti, then injures himself on a hike. The crew gives us hair care tips and Gary shows a photo of himself from his days at Columbia! And does Keith know how to use his new telestrator? Let’s find out!

August 15, 2016

SNY opened the top of the 5th with this view of cacti. Keith found it hilarious for some reason.

Gary: The cacti always appear to be pointing somewhere or other.

Keith: Cacti. Reminds me of W.C. Fields. Great line: “I was in the desert drinking the juice of the cacti.” <Keith busts out laughing>

Gary: Why is that funny? Explain to me why W.C. Fields would say something like that. I have no idea why that’s funny! Am I missing the point?

Keith: Just the way he talked, it was a western. I remember seeing that for the first time when I was a kid and I’d laugh my fanny off! But I had no idea that it meant tequila.

Hat tip to Aaron Yorke

August 16, 2016

It was 111 degrees out in Phoenix and Keith was out there with the SNY crew hiking! Here’s the proof:

Unfortunately, Keith got hurt while on the trail!

Keith: I did fall on my fanny. I have no ankle ligaments, you know that. I sprained my ankle so many times. I can walk them off like a hockey player but I sprained my ankle twice coming down and the second time I took a tumble. I fell like a champ, I rolled over and fell on my back, but I had a hard time getting up.

Gary pointed out that Keith wasn’t wearing the appropriate footwear for a hike, as he was wearing gym shoes! Despite this, Keith had a great time. He also ran into somebody on the trail!

Keith: We’re sitting resting and this fella comes down the mountain, he goes “Keith, how are you?” I don’t know who the heck it is. Just in great shape, and he goes “David Segui, Keith!” Oh, David!

That’s right, former Mets first baseman David Segui was also climbing the mountain! It’s amazing the random people who Keith will run into up on a mountain in Phoenix.

August 23, 2016

Robert Gsellman was on the mound for his big league debut, which gave the Mets a third pitcher with beautiful, flowing hair! That prompted Gary, Keith, and Ron to discuss hair care.

Gary: With Gsellman joining the staff with Syndergaard and deGrom, do they need to hire a hair care specialist?

Ronnie: Absolutely, come on!

Keith: It’s very important with hair that long that you mix in some conditioner. Can’t go cheap on the conditioner.

Ronnie: How do you know that, you never had hair that long! Did you?

Keith: No. Never.

Ronnie: The longer I grow it, the more I look like a Chia Pet.

Well, you said it, Ronnie. We had to make it come to life.

Gary then brought us back to the past with a conversation about his own long hair. Yes, that’s right! Gary Cohen had long hair back in his Columbia days.

Gary: I loved having long hair. It’s been a long time, though.

Keith: Do you have the picture in your wallet still from when you had long hair?

Gary: I do!

Oh, well we have to see this. And in the top of the 5th, SNY came through big time!

Oh my!

Keith gave him a hard time, as you would imagine.

Keith: Now, folks, take a look at this and tell me. I’m dead serious, for you women out there or men. If your daughter brought home this man, would you let him in the door? That’s a text poll!

<Gary and Ronnie cackling in the background>

Ronnie: I think he looks fantastic! He’s ready for the lead in Jesus Christ Superstar back in the day.

That is some truly classic Gary, Keith, and Ron.

August 26, 2016

Is this choice of ad under Bartolo Colon done on purpose or just coincidence?

Ronnie revealed that at the beginning of the season, GKR were given a jar of M&M’s with each of their faces on them. So what happened to these special M&M’s?

Ronnie: Did you guys eat the M&M’s with your faces on them?

Gary: No. I couldn’t do that.

Keith: I did. I did it right in front of my daughters. They were in town.

Gary: What? You ate the M&M’s that had your face on them?

Keith: I figured I could always call for a second helping.

Gary: I just thought it was a little creepy.

Ronnie: It’s a little creepy. I didn’t eat them but everyone in my family pounded them.

Keith: I ate them in front of my daughters. They wanted them but I wiped them out. In one serving.

That Keith, he’s so thoughtful.

August 29, 2016

August 29th was Kidcaster Day and in the bottom of the 3rd inning, Gary introduced this year’s winner! Notice Ronnie once again in the back on the high chair.

His name is Jacob Aronstein and he’s an 8-and-a-half-year old from Manhattan, the youngest Kidcaster in SNY history. Way to go, Jacob!

Unfortunately, the inning was incredibly boring as Jose Fernandez mowed the Mets down but Jacob did a great job announcing a couple of batters. Far better than Gary Apple, mostly because he didn’t say “and my friends”!

August 30, 2016

Keith had fun learning how to use his new telestrator in the 4th inning.

Keith: You know what I just found out? This new telestrator, I need to use this pen because my fingers don’t work.

Gary: You didn’t get the training? I thought when they installed the telestrator you got training.

Ronnie: Do a circle here...

Ronnie: Do the circle! That way you can show where it is! Push the circle...

Ronnie: Hey! There is is!

Keith: Who is that?

Gary: I like that! Spot shadow.

Keith: Alright, that’s enough.

After almost putting his pen back, Keith realized there was something else he could do.

Keith: Oh, I can do the cone of silence. The Gary Cone of silence!

Keith: There’s the cone of silence!

Gary: Like a bunch of dunces.

That wraps up this edition of This Week In SNY! In our next edition, we’ll go “al fresco” with Gary, Keith, and Ron. Thanks again go out to Chris McShane for always keeping an eye out for us.

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This Week In SNY was created by former Amazin' Avenue contributor James Kannengieser. You can read all of his entries here. We hope you enjoy this reboot!