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Episode 203: Bay Jruce

We attempt to move past the Mets’ series with the Braves as the team continues to contend for a Wild Card spot.

Welcome back to Amazin' Avenue Audio. We are a bit shaken from the sweep by the Braves but, like good Mets fans, we soldier on, even after embarrassment.

First up, Brian Salvatore and Chris McShane discuss Jay Bruce's lack of value for the team, present or future, as well as discuss Jacob deGrom and Neil Walker. (1:10)

Steve Sypa and Greg Karam talk about some of their evaluation techniques for pitchers in the Mets minor league system. (36:38)

Aaron Yorke looks at the newest Met farmhand, Tim Tebow, and a creative way to get value from him. (52:55)

Steve Schreiber helps us to see, via This Week in SNY what we've always known: Keith has some opinions on blondes. (59:55)

Lukas Vlahos takes a look at the pitching rotation in the (potential) post season. (1:02:12)

Bryan Renzi returns with a Forgotten Mets segment, focusing on Harry Parker. (1:10:25)

And, finally, Kate Feldman is still all-in - even if that isn't as easy as it was a week ago. (1:15:25)

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