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Final score: Phillies 10, Mets 8—Damn near came back

The Mets trailed 10-0 but managed to get the potential winning run to the plate in the ninth before ultimately losing.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets nearly completed the biggest comeback in franchise history tonight at Citi Field, but after falling behind 10-0 by the middle of the fourth, they scored eight times and came up just shy in the end. They got into that hole because Sean Gilmartin gave up five runs to begin the game in just two-thirds of an inning. Rafael Montero gave up the other five, albeit in three-and-a-third innings.

At that point, the Mets removed several of their starters, but that didn't stop them from scoring. They did so four times in the fifth, twice in the sixth, once in the eighth, and once in the ninth. They got the tying runs on base in the ninth, too, but the Phillies just barely escaped with a win by getting Lucas Duda to pop out and Travis d'Arnaud to ground out.


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Nice job by MetsFan4Decades; her effort in the GameThread embiggens us all.

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