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Mets injury update: Wilmer Flores shut down again

The infielder felt pain when swinging a bat.

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin Liles/Getty Images

The Mets have shut down Wilmer Flores once again after the infielder felt pain in his wrist upon swinging a bat. The 25-year-old had previously been diagnosed with a bone bruise in his right wrist.

Flores has not played in a game since September 10, when he injured his wrist in a collision with Braves catcher A.J. Pierzynzki. The infielder received a cortisone shot, and, after still feeling pain, a second cortisone shot was administered. Unfortunately, the second cortisone shot does not seem to have done the trick, and now the lefty-masher’s season is in jeopardy.

The play during which Flores injured his wrist was a comedy of errors from a Mets standpoint. Flores made the critical mistake of sliding head-first into home plate, which left him more vulnerable to injury. The lumbering infielder never should have been given the green light to head home in the first place, though. Third base coach Tim Teufel, who has had a rocky season, showed poor judgment in sending Flores into what was not a close play at the plate. But perhaps the most blame lies on manager Terry Collins, who admitted his mistake in not pinch running for the slow-footed Flores. That mental lapse may have cost the Mets a game, as well as a valuable lineup piece.

For the season, Flores has hit .267/.319/.469 with 16 home runs in 335 plate appearances. Against left-handed pitchers, he’s hit a Ruthian .340/.383/.710 with 11 home runs in 107 plate appearances.