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This Week in Mets Quotes: José Fernández 1992-2016

We take a break from the usual interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things said by and about the Mets to remember José Fernández.

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New York Mets v Miami Marlins Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

José Fernández: 1992 - 2016

"After [defecting] I’m not scared about anything else...I’ve been in jail, I’ve been shot at, I’ve been in the water. I’m not scared to face David Wright. What can he do?" –José Fernández before making his major league debut in 2013 [Palm Beach Post]

“I don’t know how any of us played this game today. I don’t know.” –Dee Gordon [USA Today]

“I tried to impersonate (Fernandez’s) batting stance as best as possible. I just hope he’s happy. I hope he’s good because we love him so much.” –Dee Gordon [USA Today]

“I saw him crying right when he rounded first base. I was crying, too. I had my head down. When he crossed home plate, tears were coming down his face, and they were coming down mine, too. The whole world felt that emotion in that moment, whether you were here or watching on television. For (Gordon) to honor (Fernandez) with his batting stance and then hit a homer, it was unbelievable.” -Travis d’Arnaud [USA Today]

“I feel like it was great for them that they were able to win. I really would have enjoyed it if it were [Fernandez] who got the win over me.” –Bartolo Colon [New York Post]

“It was very difficult tonight. I know it was very difficult for everything they were going through. They lost someone who is very important to them. It was very difficult to me, too, that someone I had some sort of a relationship with — he looked up to me, and we got along well — so it was very difficult for everyone.” –Bartolo Colon [New York Post]

"I want to say thank you to the Mets. They're first class. Baseball is a family and that was amazing for them to do. We didn't expect that." -Dee Gordon [NJ]

"I was trying to keep it together and I saw deGrom with his big old arm cast. He couldn't really move it, but he was still reaching his arm to make us feel better. I can't believe how they acted and treated us. I know it's extremely tough on their side. They're in the playoff race, too, and they've got to still understand and take this game for what it was. I appreciate everything they did. You'd never think a few hugs would be that big, but that was huge for them." -Giancarlo Stanton [NJ]

“I was especially struck by the poignancy of the National Anthem, a song we hear every day. But for a young man who risked everything to be a part of this country, it rang especially true today.” -Gary Cohen [USA Today]

"I thought it was important to be there to honor Jose. But I think it was important for us to have our people out there, which we did. We had several guys out there today. You know, this is a very large fraternity, and it's an exclusive fraternity. It's hard to get in. So when you lose somebody, I just think you need the representation of everybody else to be out there. And we were represented very well today. So I was very proud of that." –Terry Collins [Mets]

"It was very sad, but we wanted to be here and pay our respects. It was hard to watch, but a nice tribute." -Josh Smoker [Daily News]

"This is one that hits you in the stomach. This kid's 24 years old. He's got a huge future ahead of him. His past is a story itself -- how he got here, how he became successful, his love for the game, his love for Miami and the community, what he did down there for kids. You can't ever watch a Marlins game where you're not looking over on the bench watching this guy have fun, even though he's not playing that night. He stays on the bench. He's cheering. He's on the top step. His love for the game and what he meant to Miami, it's got to be a hard day for them. I wish more guys were like that. I wish more guys really had fun, like he did, playing the game. The pressures didn't get to him. He enjoyed everything the game meant. He's going to be missed. He's one of the people that bring people into the ballpark, because they loved to see him play and they love to see him perform." –Terry Collins [Mets]

"I don't think anybody really brought more energy out there to the field. Even when he was in the dugout, you'd look over there and he'd been rooting on his team, probably more than anyone you've ever seen." –Jacob deGrom [Mets]

"It's just devastating. There are no words to say what you feel.” –Wilmer Flores [Mets]

"He's not only a great player, he was a great person, a great human being. It's sad to hear the news. We're going to miss him, a great baseball player who enjoyed the game so much. It's a big loss in the Latin community in baseball." Rene Rivera [Mets]

"I can tell you that we are going to take the jersey with us, and we'll be putting it up again. We want to let him know that we're still thinking of him, knowing that it's his town, and we're on his field." –Yoenis Cespedes [NJ]

"…that's not something that I would ever recommend to any ball player in Cuba, to maybe leave the way we did. But those who have, I very much admire. You just have to have a lot of respect for that." –Yoenis Cespedes [NJ]

“I dont have the words to describe the pain feel for the loss of my friend Jose. Goodbye, my friend.” –David Ortiz [Twitter]

“Hermano, wherever you are, you know how much I loved you. Sin palabras. My heart is with the families.” –Yasiel Puig [Twitter]

“Jose Fernandez is one of the most genuine guys I've ever played with. He loved life, he loved baseball.....he will be missed dearly.” –Dan Haren [Twitter]

“Been trying to think of what to say or how to comprehend all of this and the truth is there are no words that will do you justice. You played this game and lived your life at 100%. The competitor you were is the competitor we all strive to be. Your loss hit us all hard and im going to miss you buddy. The clubhouse or the team won't be the same without you but you'll always be with us. I know I'll see you again someday. Love you man.” –Christian Yelich [Instagram]

“I'm still waiting to wake up from this nightmare. I lost my brother today and can't quite comprehend it. The shock is overwhelming. What he meant to me , our team, the city of Miami, Cuba & everyone else in the world that his enthusiasm/heart has touched can never be replaced. I can't fathom what his family is going through because We, as his extended Family are a wreck. I gave him the nickname Niño because he was just a young boy Amongst men , yet those men could barely compete with him . He had his own level, one that was changing the game. EXTRAORDINARY, as a person before the player. Yet still just a kid, who's joy lit up the stadium more than lights could. A kid whose time came too soon. One that I will miss & never forget. Rest In Peace Niño, Jose Fernandez” –Giancarlo Stanton [Instagram]