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This Week In SNY: Highlights from the Mets TV booth from Early September

Gary, Keith, and Ron go al fresco for the final time in 2016, Keith breaks a camera, and we have THREE Nitpicking with TWISNY segments!

Hey there, Mets fans! It’s time for This Week In SNY, your weekly look at all the hijinks from the Mets’ tv broadcast booth! In this edition, we’ll cover the last game of August and the first half of September. We’ve got plenty of material from Gary, Keith, and Ron to get through, so let’s get started!

August 31

Where are Gary, Keith, and Ron tonight?

That’s right: they’re al fresco, sitting in the Citi Field Promenade section!

We begin in the bottom of the first while reviewing the Marlins’ defense. Keith said that Miguel Rojas was “spelling” Adeiny Hechavarria at shortstop tonight, which led Gary to take things in a slightly different direction:

Gary: That brings up a very interesting question. Do you think Rojas can spell Hechavarria?

Keith: (confused) Uhh...

Gary: Because I know I have trouble with it sometimes.

Keith: Spell it?

Gary: Well yeah, because you said he’s spelling Hechavarria. I wonder if he can spell Hechavarria!

Keith: Oh, I don’t listen to myself when I talk!

Gary: (laughter) We’ve noticed that at times.

In the third inning, SNY gave us a throwback to Gary, Keith, and Ron’s first al fresco experience in the Shea Stadium upper deck! Look how much younger they look!

In the bottom of the 3rd, Keith asked out loud on air “what’s Pete doing?” Wait, so who’s Pete?

Gary: Pete is our ENG camera man who gets to roam the stadium, and he’s roamed up with us tonight.

Keith: Pete! Pete, take it easy. Go sit down somewhere. Go have a beer!

Gary: Pete, by the way, puts himself in great peril when he does this because he’s constantly leaning over railings.

Keith: It looks like he got up early this morning and went surfing!

There’s Pete, filming the gang! Keith then commanded Pete to wave to the fans watching on tv, which he didn’t do.

Keith: That’s not your best side, Pete.

It was time for some dinner in the bottom of the 5th inning!

Gary: We’ve got the Nuchas empanadas, we’ve got the rice balls from Arancini Bros, we’ve got Dan and John’s wings, and Keith is elbows deep in the wings as we speak.

Keith: Oh, I’m just starting.

That’s quite a bite. So how did that food taste?

Keith: The wings are good, Gare! The wings are good.

Gary: The beef empanada is very good. I’ll have to attack them better after the inning, I still have to talk.

No word from Ronnie on the quality of the rice balls but he said one of them was a Nutella rice ball! Keith, meanwhile, was very happy with his wings.

Keith: Why don’t we buy a round for everybody?

Gary: Which everybody did you have in mind? There’s about 35,000 people here.

Later in the inning, it began drizzling lightly. Luckily, the gang had help behind them with an umbrella. Of course, Gary and Keith ribbed on Keith for his infamous walk under the parasol in July. It was Russ holding the umbrella this time and Keith didn’t get much cover, probably because he learned that Keith isn’t fond of tipping.

It’s time for Nitpicking with TWISNY, the first of three nitpicks in this edition! Get psyched, people! Addison Reed entered in the 8th inning but check out the pitch count on the SNY score bug.

101 pitches? Did Reed throw a whole game in the bullpen or did somebody forget to reset the pitch count? The pitch count kept rising through the inning without being fixed. Long night for Addison! This has been Nitpicking with TWISNY.

September 1

Mets fans, meet Mark: the substitute stats guy! Mark covered up the SNY logo with all of his stats. That’s bad form, Mark. I don’t think Dave Fried would do that.

We’ve learned much about Keith, who is something of a Renaissance man. If you know Seinfeld, you already know he’s a Civil War buff. We also learned a few months back that Keith knows a lot about Impressionist art. But how about Keith’s knowledge of jazz? He showed it off when reliever Brian Ellington entered for the Marlins.

Gary: Ellington is back up today with the September call-ups.

Keith: Not to be confused with the late, great Duke Ellington.

Gary: He’s the West Florida Ellington. University of West Florida.

Keith: I was just listening to an old Duke Ellington album at home the other night on my iTunes. One of his great, famous concerts in the ‘60’s, I believe, was the early ‘60’s in Paris. It’s a wonderful album, I believe it was a double album live. Fantastic.

One note about confusing the two: I appreciate Keith looking out for all of us here but I don’t think they look all that much alike.

September 6

It’s time once again for Nitpicking with TWISNY! Look who’s available off the Mets’ bench against the Reds...

That’s right, Dilson Herrera somehow came back to the Mets! Or not. This has been Nitpicking with TWISNY.

September 12

The best Gary, Keith, and Ron moments often come in blowouts and with the Mets down 8-1 to the Nationals on this day, Keith had one of the highlights of the season.

Keith: Well, we’ve had trouble all road trip with this camera and I’m just really thrilled that this camera...

Gary: (laughing) NO!

Keith: Everything I touch! How did that happen? Curt, it’s not coming out of my paycheck. You’ve got insurance on this thing. Sorry!

Gary: First your knee and now the camera? This has been...

Keith: This is what happens when you have 8-1 games. (Keith talking to the camera and petting it) Sorry, are you alright? Poor baby.

That is some SNY gold. Outstanding!

September 13

Let’s check in with Steve Gelbs, who has an update on Jay Bruce and his use of Tuf-Skin! Bruce sprays this sticky crap on his hands and then puts on his batting gloves so the batting gloves don’t move around while he hits. Cool!

Keith loves Tuf-Skin and gave his own endorsement of the product, specifically with regards to healing blisters. Apparently, Keith would pop the blisters (gross), then cut around the skin (gross) and spray it with Tuf-Skin (gross).

Keith: It stings, folks. IT STINGS. But it toughens up that skin. That’s why they call it Tuf-Skin! And it works. Trust me!

Gary: That was a really ringing endorsement! If you were that emphatic about the products you actually endorse, that would be even better!

Keith: (inning ends as James Loney weakly grounds out, SNY shows can of Tuf-Skin) I love you, Tuf-Skin! Come to me. Come to me!

Gary: It’s Keith Hernandez for Tuf-Skin!

It’s time once more for Nitpicking with TWISNY! Let’s check out who’s warming in the Nationals’ bullpen:

Pretty sure that’s Shawn Kelley but Gary made things more confusing by saying it was Lucas Giolito! Maybe it’s just Giolito in disguise wearing Shawn Kelley’s jersey and a Shawn Kelley mask? This has been Nitpicking with TWISNY.

That’s all for this edition of This Week In SNY! Can you believe that our next edition will be the last of 2016? Thanks again as always go out to Chris McShane for keeping an eye out for us.

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This Week In SNY was created by former Amazin' Avenue contributor James Kannengieser. You can read all of his entries here. We hope you enjoy this reboot!