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Noah Syndergaard is sixth-best pitcher in baseball, according to Buster Olney

In case you forgot that he’s really good.

MLB: New York Mets Workout The Record-USA TODAY Sports

Buster Olney of ESPN recently released his ranking of the top 10 pitchers in baseball, with Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard slotting in at number six.

To the surprise of no one, Olney ranks Clayton Kershaw as the top pitcher in the game. If the list ended there—as it appears to for those who do not subscribe to ESPN Insider—this article would not be relevant to an article about the Mets. But Olney’s list did, as promised, stretch all the way to 10, and that is where the article may become interesting to Mets fans.

In praising Syndergaard, Olney writes:

Syndergaard finished the 2016 season with a 2.60 ERA and a 2.29 FIP over 183.2 innings. The 24-year-old led all pitchers in fWAR (6.5) and guest appearances on Kevin Can Wait (one).

Olney’s list also includes NL East foe Max Scherzer and Mets nemesis Madison Bumgarner. You’ll need an ESPN Insider subscription to check out the rest, but we can say that it includes three pitchers who appeared in the 2016 World Series and another who was traded this offseason.