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The almost-definitive list of Mets references and appearances in film

From City Slickers to Stargate to Bad Lieutenant, here’s every film that features a reference to the Amazins.

Jack Palance And Billy Crystal In 'City Slickers' Photo by Columbia Pictures/Getty Images

Last spring I undertook the task of finding every possible Mets reference in music, a fairly monumental task requiring quite a bit of research. Between my digging and the contributions of so many people from the Amazin’ Avenue community, we managed to put together a list of 68 references, and you guys seemed to really enjoy it.

So I’ve decided to tackle an even greater pop culture task: finding every Mets reference in film. What follows is a list of every Mets reference in a movie that I’ve been able to track down and confirm. It’s almost certainly incomplete, and when I inevitably miss a few, feel free to alert me in the comments, and I’ll add them.

I have to give a big shout-out to Rob Edelman, who published an immensely helpful paper on the subject for the Society for American Baseball Research back in 2012. This also would have been impossible without IMDB and the help of many of the other writers, editors, and moderators at Amazin’ Avenue. I think we’ve managed to find 30-to-40 more films in addition to the ones Edelman identified in his 2012 paper.

Here are the rules I went by. I only looked at films for this list, no TV shows. I did count TV movies, particularly if they also had DVD releases. I didn’t count documentaries. Only feature-length movies were counted.

Mets references could include the following:

  • Shea Stadium or Citi Field appearing in a scene in a movie.
  • A Mets game appearing in a movie, whether the characters are at the game or it appears on the TV or radio.
  • A Mets player appearing in a movie.
  • A major character sporting Mets gear.
  • Mets posters, banners, pennants, etc. appearing in the home, workplace, etc. of a major character.
  • Dialogue references to Mets players or events, or a character identifying as a Mets fan.

I didn’t count instances where extras or unnamed characters can be seen sporting Mets hats or shirts in films, as it’s surprisingly common. Random folks can be seen wearing Mets gear in “Wall Street,” “Working Girl,” “Revenge of the Nerds,” “Spider Man 2,” “Broadcast News,” “Out for Justice,” “Summer School,” and “Crocodile Dundee,” among other films.

With all that said, let’s get to the list!

1. Men in Black (1997)

“Men in Black,” one of 1997’s biggest hits at the box office, features a scene in which an alien spaceship flies over Shea Stadium causing Bernard Gilkey to lose sight of a fly ball, which promptly hits him on the head.

2. Men in Black 3 (2012)

The third film in the Men in Black franchise makes a return to Shea Stadium, where agents J and K, played by Will Smith and Josh Brolin, meet with an alien informant in 1969. The VFX crews working on the film meticulously recreated what Shea would have looked like back in the 60’s, and even recreated part of the 1969 World Series.

3. Angels in the Outfield (1951)

What’s a film from the 1950s, long before the Mets existed, doing on this list? Well, that’s simple: Mets broadcasting legend Ralph Kiner appears in the film briefly, and is seen hitting a home run.

4. Gone Girl (2014)

The story of how Ben Affleck ended up wearing a Mets hat during a scene in “Gone Girl” is an interesting one. The director of “Gone Girl,” David Fincher, originally wanted Ben Affleck to wear a Yankees cap during a scene where he’s trying to go unrecognized in an airport. Affleck, a lifelong Red Sox fan, refused to don the cap. The film shut down production for four days, according to Fincher, before they came up with a compromise and Affleck donned a Mets cap.

5. Bang the Drum Slowly (1973)

This baseball classic, starring Michael Moriarty, Robert De Niro, and Vincent Gardenia, features a fictitious team called the New York Mammoths, whose home games were filmed at Shea Stadium.

6. Two Weeks Notice (2002)

This Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock romantic comedy from early in the millennium features a scene at Shea Stadium. Grant and Bullock are sitting in front row seats when Mike Piazza, making a cameo, crashes into Bullock while trying to catch a foul ball.

7. Rookie of the Year (1993)

Henry Rowengartner (Thomas Ian Nicholas) is the best twelve-year-old to ever pitch in the majors. Okay, so he didn’t really pitch in MLB, it was just a movie, but anyone who was kid in the 90s probably wanted to break their arm just so they could get a Syndergaard-level fastball after watching this movie. The Mets are actually the bad guys, as Rowengartner’s nemesis is the fictional slugger Heddo, a hulking Met who likes to scream “See ya!” after he crushes a homer.

8. Off Jackson Avenue (2008)

This low-budget indie crime film starring Jessica Pimentel, who’d later find fame on Orange is the New Black, features some footage shot outside Shea Stadium.

9. Friends with Benefits (2011)

This rom-com starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis features a scene in which the two main characters watch part of a Mets game and Jose Reyes can be seen hitting a home run on their television.

10. Deadly Illusion (1987)

A Billy Dee Williams vehicle—yes, those once existed—“Deadly Illusion” tells the story of a detective framed for a murder he didn’t commit. The film also stars Prince protege Vanity, who sadly passed away in 2016. It’s on this list because the film ends with a long sequence shot at Shea Stadium. It’s actually one of the best looks at Shea you’ll get in any film, as the action moves from the field to the stands, to the concourses. Williams even semi-ridiculously drives the bullpen golf cart around while brandishing a gun in his free hand.

11. City Slickers (1991)

One of the most famous films on this list, the Oscar-winning “City Slickers” features noted Yankees fan Billy Crystal wearing a Mets cap for most of the movie. Crystal spoke to about why he wore a Mets cap in the film. Back when the movie was in development, Crystal, Robin Williams, and Whoopi Goldberg were helped out by the Mets when they were raising money for Comic Relief. The Mets allowed them to come to Shea, sell their merchandise, and then gave them a big donation. When Crystal asked the Yankees to help, they turned him down, so he decided to honor the Mets by wearing their hat in the film.

12. Dead and Alive: The Race for Gus Farace (1991)

A TV movie starring Tony Danza and featuring an up-and-coming Samuel L. Jackson, “Dead and Alive” features Lee Mazzilli of all people playing a mobster in his only acting role.

13. Paranoia (2013)

An odd entry to this list, the 2013 thriller Paranoia makes its way onto here due to a likely continuity error. Richard Dreyfuss co-stars in the film, and wears a Yankees cap in most of his scenes, except when he’s accidentally wearing a Mets cap. Seems someone on set didn’t know the difference between the Yankees and Mets, and so Dreyfuss can be seen wearing a Mets cap at times. Then again, he’s also seen wearing a Brooklyn Dodgers shirt at one point, so maybe he just loves all New York sports teams?

14. Rounders (1998)

A 1986 World Series reference, this time from Matt Damon. At one point, while narrating, Damon’s character says “just walking in here makes me queasy, the brick walls, the fucking mopes at the table, the musty smell, I feel like Buckner walking back into Shea, but what choice do I have?”

15. The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

The first of three Ron Darling film appearances on this list. Darling plays a Hawaiian newscaster in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it role in this 2004 disaster flick. You probably remember it more for its ludicrous ice hurricanes.

16. Mississippi Burning (1988)

No film on this list surprised me more than this 1988 Academy-Award-Winning picture about the investigation into the disappearance of civil rights activists Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, and James Chaney. The most famous baseball scene in Mississippi Burning takes place in the barbershop, when the racist sheriff asks Gene Hackman’s FBI Agent Anderson if he likes baseball, and Anderson replies that he does because “it's the only time when a Black man can wave a stick at a White man and not start a riot.” There is, however, a second scene involving baseball in the film, when Anderson goes to see Frank Bailey (Michael Rooker), who’s watching a baseball game that happens to be between the Cardinals and the Mets. The Mets are beating up on Bob Gibson, and it’s frustrating Bailey.

17. Bad Lieutenant (1992)

The Mets actually play a pretty significant role in a subplot in “Bad Lieutenant.” Harvey Keitel, who plays the titular Bad Lieutenant, gambles money on a (fictional) Mets/Dodgers NLCS. The movie features fake radio broadcasts of games from the series, and the Mets (spoiler) end up winning the pennant. One of the more well-remembered scenes from the film features Keitel shooting the radio in his car after getting frustrated with one of the games. WARNING: There’s some very NSFW language in the clip.

18. The Rutles: All You Need is Cash (1978)

This TV movie by Eric Idle and Neil Innes is about a fictional band that’s a parody of the Beatles. In the film, the Rutles play a concert at “Che Stadium” — a clear nod to the 1965 Beatles concert at Shea.

19. The Scout (1994)

“The Scout” is mostly about the Yankees, and features Albert Brooks as a scout for the team who finds that mythic fire-ball pitcher that every scout wants to discover in Brendan Fraser’s Steve Nebraska. The kid can also hit like Babe Ruth. The only problem is that Nebraska is crazy. The film makes this list because Brooks recruits Keith Hernandez, playing himself, to try and hit Nebraska’s fastball in a showcase for MLB teams.

20. *Special Category* Greg Goossen’s bit parts (1989-2003)

Greg Goossen spent parts of four seasons on the Mets’ roster between 1965-1968. While he never panned out as a prospect, he did once break up a perfect game that Larry Jaster was throwing against the Mets in the bottom of the eighth inning. Many years after retiring, a chance encounter with Gene Hackman led to Goossen serving as Hackman’s stand-in in everything from “Get Shorty” to “The Royal Tenenbaums.” Goossen’s association with Hackman also gained him bit parts in a number of prominent movies, like “Unforgiven,” where he played a “fighter,” and “The Replacements,” where he was featured as “Drunk #2.” Goossen sadly passed away in 2011. His full onscreen resume can be found at IMDB.

21. Ruthless People (1986)

“Ruthless People” is another one of the weirder Mets references on this list. It’s a comedy starring Danny DeVit4o and Bette Midler that has nothing to do with baseball. In the closing credits for the film Doc Gooden is credited as “best pitcher.”

22. Kate & Leopold (2001)

This time traveling romantic comedy featuring Hugh Jackman as a Victorian era gentleman transported to the modern era has several Mets references. Mike Piazza is mentioned; there’s a 1969 Mets poster on the wall of a character played by Liev Schreiber; and Breckin Meyer does an impression of an Indian accent while watching a Mets game on TV.

23. The Drop (2014)

Tom Hardy stars in this gritty Brooklyn-based crime drama as a bartender working at a bar owned by Chechen mobsters. The bar in question has a Mets banner hanging in it. The film is also notable for featuring James Gandolfini’s final performance.

24. Shallow Hal (2001)

Another Ron Darling cameo. The film stars Jack Black as Hal, a man who only likes very physically attractive women until he’s hypnotized by Tony Robbins in an elevator (no, I’m not joking) to see the inner beauty in people. One such person is Li’iBoy, an overweight Hawaiian man who plays “Never Forget Where I’m From” on his ukulele. After Hal is hypnotized, when he sees Li’iBoy next, he’s played by Ron Darling instead of the original actor, Joshua Shintani.

25. The Odd Couple (1968)

Neil Simon’s famous comedy is about two friends who share an apartment despite being total opposites. In the original film they’re played by Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau. Matthau’s Oscar Madison is a sportswriter who is rarely seen without his Mets cap on. A rare Mets triple play also features as a plot point in the film, and scenes were filmed at Shea Stadium. One of the more Mets-heavy films on the list.

26. Smoke (1995)

“Smoke” is a strange, wonderful movie about a neighborhood smoke shop where people gather to swap stories. In one scene, there’s a discussion about Sir Walter Raleigh, the English spy and explorer, and Tommy, played by Giancarlo Esposito, says of Raleigh that “That's the kind of guy we need to take over the Mets.”

27. Small Time Crooks (2000)

The main characters in this Woody Allen comedy attend a game at Shea at one point, and a Met hits a home run.

28. Alice in the Cities

One of the only foreign films on this list, “Alice in the Cities” is by German auteur Wim Wenders, who is probably most famous for his documentaries like the “Buena Vista Social Club,” “Salt of the Earth” and “Pina,” all of which were nominated for Academy Awards. “Alice in the Cities” is about a German journalist who ends up looking after a nine year old girl after he meets her mother at the airport in NYC. While most of the film takes place overseas, the early scenes in NYC feature the organist at Shea Stadium playing.

29. Jungle Fever (1991)

The first of three Spike Lee films on this list. Several characters in Jungle Fever mention the Mets, including Samuel L. Jackson’s Gator, a crack addict, who steals his parents’ TV to watch the Mets game.

30. Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)

This sequel to the uber popular Syfy schlock classic Sharknado sees Citi Field destroyed by one of the famed Sharknados. Sharknado star Ian Ziering even came to Citi Field to throw out the first pitch while promoting the movie.

Sharknado 2: The Second One - 2014
Ian Ziering with Travis d’Arnaud
Photo by: Stephen Lovekin/Syfy

31. Game 6 (2005)

“Game 6” is entirely centered around the 1986 World Series and the pivotal Game 6 between the Mets and Red Sox. Michael Keaton plays a playwright who wants to kill a theater critic but finds a common bond with him because of their sorrow about the Red Sox losing the World Series. The film features a soundtrack by noted Mets fans Yo La Tengo.

32. Frequency (2000)

One of the most Mets-loving films ever made. “Frequency” is about a son who somehow magically contacts his father via ham radio back in 1969. The 1969 World Series and Mets fandom feature prominently in the film. Quite a bit of Mets gear can be seen being worn by characters in the film’s original trailer. Note how dated the trailer feels today, less than two decades later.

33. Used People (1992)

This romantic comedy from 1992 is set in Queens in 1969, and unsurprisingly references the Mets being in the World Series. While it was nominated for two Golden Globes at the time, it has largely faded from the public consciousness and was savaged by a number of prominent critics.

34. Chop Shop (2007)

This gritty independent film about an orphan living in Willets point features a scene where the main character and his young friend watch a Mets game from a rooftop across from Shea. “Chop Shop” was critically praised upon its release and played at several major film festivals including Cannes.

35. The Bad News Bears (1976)

A baseball classic starring Walter Matthau as the manager of a hapless little league team that he molds into a fierce competitor by recruiting a girl as their ace pitcher, and a motorcycle-loving punk to pad their lineup. One of the opposing teams in the league is named the Mets, and are obviously based on the team. Fun fact: Carlos Beltran met with the cast of the 2005 remake.

The 'Bad News Bears' meet Mets All-Star Carlos Beltran Photo by M. Von Holden/FilmMagic

36. Minority Report (2002)

Hard to believe the Mets are referenced in this futuristic science fiction thriller starring Tom Cruise, but in a scene featuring Colin Farrell and Max Von Sydow, Farrell asks Von Sydow what he was just talking about and Von Sydow lies to him and says “the Mets,” before lamenting their lack of pitching depth.

37. Mr. 3000 (2004)

Ron Darling makes a cameo as himself in this film that stars the late Bernie Mac as a player who finds out that his 3,000 career hits are actually 2,997, and attempts to make a comeback at 47 to get the three hits he needs to reach the milestone.

38. Cocktail (1988)

Tom Cruise stars as Brian Flanagan, a young man who bar tends at night so he can pay to go to business school during the day. In one scene, Flanagan’s uncle and some friends in a bar are shooting the breeze and the Mets are mentioned.

39. Awakenings (1990)

Awakenings is based on the true story of physician Oliver Sacks’s 1969 discovery that the drug L-Dopa could be used to revive formerly catatonic patients who’d been unresponsive for decades. In the fictionalized version of the events presented in the film, nurse Eleanor Costello, played by Julie Kavner, tells one patient about the Mets’ World Series win.

40. Kiss of Death (1995)

A remake of the 1947 film noir, “Kiss of Death” features an all-star cast including Nicholas Cage, David Caruso, Samuel L. Jackson, Helen Hunt, Ving Rhames, and Stanley Tucci. Set in Queens, the film features Shea, as one of its characters owns a chop shop next to the Stadium.

41. Chapter Two (1979)

Based on a Neil Simon play, “Chapter Two” is a romantic comedy about a widowed man and a divorced woman who fall in love. It stars James Caan and Marsha Mason and there are apparently Mets caps seen several times in the film, though I haven’t been able to independently verify it.

42. Abduction (2011)

This Taylor Lautner thriller from the Twilight era features a climactic chase through PNC Park filmed during an actual Pirates/Mets game.

43. Mo’ Better Blues (1990)

The second Spike Lee film on this list. “Mo’ Better Blues” tells the story of fictional jazz trumpeter Bleek Gilliam (Denzel Washington), who is constantly engaged in personal turmoil. In one scene, Bleek’s friend Giant (played by Lee) is placing bets with a bookie and picks the Pirates over the Mets because “the Mets need some more Black ball players.”

44. The Wiz (1978)

The iconic musical film starring Diana Ross and Michael Jackson was filmed all over Queens, including at Shea. The flying monkeys, who ride motorcycles, chase Dorothy and her friends around Shea Stadium.

45. Three Men and a Little Lady (1990)

This sequel to “Three Men and a Baby,” which sees three bachelors trying to help raise the daughter of one of the men, features a short scene at Shea Stadium, part of which can be seen in the trailer below at the :48 second mark.

46. Old Dogs (2009)

This painfully unfunny comedy stars John Travolta and Robin Williams as co-owners of a sports marketing firm who have to move in together and raise Robin Williams’ previously unknown twins after his ex dumps them on him when she’s sent to prison. At one point they attend a Mets game. They also end up in a gorilla enclosure at the zoo. Spare yourself.

47. Oh God! (1977)

“Oh God!” starred the bizarre pair of George Burns and John Denver. Burns plays God and Denver is his chosen prophet to the modern world. At one point, Burns, as God, explains that his last miracle was the 1969 Mets.

48. Bee Movie (2007)

Jerry Seinfeld is a big Mets fan so it’s not surprising that this animated film he wrote and starred in references the Mets, both through a character wearing a Mets cap in the film and a ridiculous music video filmed at Shea, which I present below with some embarrassment.

49. The Yards (2000)

Keith Hernandez appears as himself in this gritty crime drama starring Mark Wahlberg. The movie is set in the Queens rail yards, where people apparently go so far as killing each other to get city contracts.

50. 28 Days (2000)

Another film from the year 2000, “28 days” is lighter in tone and stars Sandra Bullock as a woman who’s forced to unwillingly go to rehab for her drinking issues. In rehab she meets baseball player Eddie Boone, played by Viggo Mortenson. A scene was filmed at Shea Stadium for the movie.

51. Lucky Number Slevin (2006)

In this crime drama, a character named Max (Scott Gibson) promises to take his son to a Mets game during a flashback but takes him to the racetrack instead, where he ends up betting on horses. The movie makes some mistakes though, as it references Tony Taylor as the Phillies’ second baseman in 1979, even though he’d retired in 1976.

52. You’ve Got Mail (1998)

This film about two people who fall in love over the internet, a concept which was actually considered novel in 1998, stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. In one scene, Hanks’ character, while emailing with Ryan, comments that the Mets are so bad that his dog could be on the team.

53. Heartbreak Ridge (1986)

Clint Eastwood directed this drama about the US invasion of Grenada. One of the film’s most famous scenes takes place in the showers, where one of the marines, played by Mario Van Peebles, plays a song called the Bionic Marine on his guitar. One of the other marines in the unit is wearing a Mets hat throughout the entirety of the scene.

54. Stargate (1994)

“Stargate” was such a success that it spawned no less than three spinoff TV shows. When Kurt Russel first appears in the film as Colonel Jack O’Neill, he’s in the room of his dead son, and a picture of his son wearing a 1980’s-style Mets uniform can be seen in the room.

55. Delivery Man (2013)

Vince Vaughn stars in this film about the world’s most prolific sperm donor. Vaughn can be seen wearing a New York Mets t-shirt during a scene in the film.

56. The In-Laws (1979)

In this original version of “The In-Laws,” which starred Peter Falk and Alan Arkin as fathers-in-law who end up on a crazy globe-hopping spy mission thanks to Falk’s CIA Agent character, the Mets make an appearance in a line of dialogue. In one of the movie’s opening scenes, Falk remarks to a contact “Gee, I can’t believe this trade. What do the Mets need another pitcher for? All they got is pitchers.”

57. Coming to America (1988)

This Eddie Murphy classic about an African prince who comes to live in Queens is a must-see for fans of Murphy’s. It also inspired the Action Bronson music video for “Baby Blue,” a song which made it onto the Mets music references list for the line "Things change, now my dashboard wooden / All black Benz, like a young Doc Gooden." In “Coming to America”, Murphy’s Prince Akeem, in an attempt to blend in with the locals, purchases a Mets jacket.

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in “Coming to America”

58. Do the Right Thing (1989)

The last Spike Lee film on this list. In the film, Lee plays Mookie, a character who spends the film clad in a Jackie Robinson Dodgers jersey. Mookie’s son, however, wears Mets pajamas in one scene. Mookie also declares that Doc Gooden is the best pitcher in the game.

59. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” isn’t even out yet, but it’s clearly going to feature at least one Mets reference as a Mets flag with Mike Piazza’s number on it is visible in Peter Parker’s room in a scene from the trailer.

60. Brightest Star (2013)

“Brightest Star,” a movie about a guy trying to win back the affection of his dream girl, was not seen by very many people. It does, however, feature a scene in which Clark Gregg, more well known as Marvel’s Agent Coulson, busts the main character’s balls for being a Mets fan.

61. Funny Farm (1988)

This 1988 comedy starring Chevy Chase is about a sportswriter who moves to a small town in Vermont with his wife so that he can have some peace and quiet while he writes a novel. Chase wears a Mets cap throughout most of the film, as is readily visible in its trailer.

62. A Little Help (2010)

“A Little Help” could have used some help at the box office, as it only grossed $96,868 according to Wikipedia. It does, however, contain multiple Mets references. Both Mike Piazza and Tom Seaver get name-checked during the movie. Writer/Director Michael J. Weithorn must be a Mets fan.

63. The Groomsmen (2006)

This 2006 comedy which was written and directed by Edward Burns, who also stars in it, has a plot point revolving around a Tom Seaver rookie card. It includes the rather unfortunate line “He took my Tom Seaver rookie card because he's gay.”

64. Keeping the Faith (2000)

Ben Stiller and Ed Norton play a Rabbi and a Priest respectively who are both in love with their childhood best friend played by Jenna Elfman. A flashback scene in the movie shows all three as kids at a game at Shea Stadium.

65. Trainwreck (2015)

Amy Schumer cashed in big time with this hit comedy in 2015. Schumer plays a New Yorker whose dad Gordon (Colin Quinn) is a huge Mets fan. When Schumer’s forced to move her dad into assisted living, he’s none too happy that she threw away a bunch of his Mets memorabilia.

66. Brewster’s Millions (1985)

This screwball comedy stars Richard Pryor as a minor league baseball pitcher who must spend $30 million in 30 days to inherit $300 million. At the beginning of the film, Pryor is arrested and initially thinks that the Mets have come to bail him out because they want to sign him.

67. The Flamingo Kid (1984)

Matt Dillon stars in this 1984 film about a young man working at an exclusive beach club to earn cash and raise his status. At one point in the film, the Mets come up, and a character exclaims “The Mets couldn't even beat the Mets.”

68. When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Another Billy Crystal film. For a Yankees fan, Crystal sure mentions the Mets a lot. In “When Harry Met Sally,” Crystal is surprised to find that one of his friends went to a Mets game.

69. The Comebacks (2007)

This sports movie parody directed by Tom Brady (not THAT Tom Brady) stars David Koechner and Carl Weathers and features a scene where the Mets win game six in the 1986 World Series and the announcer yells “The Mets win!”

70. Swimfan (2002)

This film about a crazy female stalker named Madison (Erika Christensen), who lusts after a star swimmer named Ben (Jesse Bradford), is a silly mess, but includes a Mets reference. In order to make Ben jealous, Madison claims to be dating a college shortstop who’s drawn interest from the Mets.

71. The Dream Team (1989)

“The Dream Team” stars Michael Keaton, Christopher Lloyd, and Peter Boyle as mental patients who end up on a crazy adventure after their chaperone is hospitalized on an outing and they’re left to fend for themselves. In one scene a local news report mentions the Mets.

72. Moneyball (2011)

The Mets appear onscreen and are mentioned several times in this movie about Billy Beane and the Athletics.

73. Kung Pow: Enter the Fist (2002)

“Kung Pow” is one of the weirder films ever made. It parodies martial arts films by using footage from an old Hong Kong action movie “Tiger and Crane Fist” that’s been re-dubbed and edited with new material. In one scene, a voice can be heard shouting “Now batting, Mike Piazza!”

74. Bull Durham (1988)

Another baseball classic, this one about “Crash” Davis (Kevin Costner), “Nuke” LaLoosh, and their relationship with baseball groupie Annie Savoy (Susan Sarandon). In one sex scene, Annie asks Nuke if he thinks Dwight Gooden leaves his socks on when he does it.

Amazin’ Avenue Community Contributions:

75. Troll 2 (1990)

The so-called “Best Worst Movie” appears on this list thanks to MetsFanXXIII. Filmed in Utah in 1989 by an entirely Italian crew, it’s unclear how exactly a Darryl Strawberry pennant appeared in the room of the film’s child protagonist, but it does.

76. Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. (1990)

Troma enters the list with this 1990 superhero film features the insane concept of an NYPD cop who gains “Kabuki powers” after being kissed by a dying Kabuki actor. Oh Troma! In one scene, Kabukiman can be seen wearing a Mets cap. Thanks to Painiac for this one.

77. Highlander (1986)

Another suggestion from Painiac. About two thirds of the way through this cult classic about immortals who cut off each others heads to gain power, a hot dog vendor is reading a NY Post edition made especially for the movie that features a large Mets logo on the back of it.

78. Doom Asylum (1987)

Another Troma film suggested by Painiac. “Doom Asylum,” which features a young Kristin Davis in her first film role, is quite the gross-out Troma flick. A Mets hat makes an unfortunate appearance on a character who gets his forehead punctured by a power drill. I’ll spare you the video, but it can be found online if you really want to see it.

79. The Last Horror Film (1982)

Another Troma film and Painiac’s final addition to this list. “The Last Horror film” feature veteran character actor Joe Spinell, who can be seen in such classic films as “The Godfather,” “Taxi Driver” and “Rocky,” plays Vinny, an obsessed fan who wants a famous actress to star in his movie. He can be seen wearing a Mets hat at one point.

80. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007)

This “comedy” about two straight firefighters who pretend to be gay to get domestic partner benefits stars Kevin James and Adam Sandler. James wears Mets gear at several points during the movie. Thanks to Adam Rosen for this one. Also suggested by D12in2012.

81. You Don’t Mess with the Zohan (2008)

Another Adam Sandler film, this one a screwball comedy about an Israeli special forces soldier who fakes his own death to become a hairdresser in NYC. In one scene a character asks “Can you believe how much they pay Delgado?” Thanks again to Adam Rosen for this one.

82. Knocked Up (2007)

Found this one myself looking up video for the Zohan quote. When they’re doing their fantasy baseball draft in the movie, Paul Rudd tries to draft Carlos Delgado, but Paul Feig says “excellent choice, too bad I picked him three rounds ago.”

83. Cop Land (1997)

Suggested by Harry Eisenstein. This highly-underrated Sylverster Stallone cop drama features a scene in which Ray Liotta’s character Figgsy busts another character’s balls by saying “That was your inner child making a bet there, Joey. Little boy Joey with the Mets poster taped above his bed.”

84. Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)

Another one I stumbled upon while trying to confirm some reader suggestions. In one scene in this 1987 comedy, John Candy tries to convince someone that he’s got an autographed Darryl Strawberry earring to sell them.

85. Moonstruck (1987)

Another film from 1987, “Moonstruck,” which starred Cher and Nicholas Cage, and won three Oscars, features a Darryl Strawberry poster in the background. Thanks to Jason Helfant for this one.

86. Fever Pitch (2005)

Wobatus rightly suggested this 2005 Jimmy Fallon film. Fallon, a Sox fan, at one point watches the Buckner play over and over, lamenting the Sox’s futility.

87. Righteous Kill (2008)

An extremely disappointing film for fans of Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino, reuniting for the first time since “Heat.” But as David Russell pointed out on Facebook, it does include the line “Hey, how about those Mets last night?”

88. Gimme the Loot (2012)

A great suggestion from BobbyV_Incognito. “Gimme the Loot” is about some kids from Queens who want to “bomb” (graffiti) the Mets’ home run apple. The film won several awards and was nominated for the Golden Lion at the Cannes Film Festival.

89. Caddyshack (1980)

Right at the beginning of this comedy classic about a golf club, one of the caddies places a bet on the Mets. Thanks to Richard Velez for this one. Here’s a photo of Rodney Dangerfield in Mets gear for your enjoyment.

Hole in The Wall Gang Camp Benefit Baseball Game Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage

90. Little Big League (1994)

Former Met Kevin Elster has a role in this 1994 comedy about a kid who inherits the Minnesota Twins and makes himself their manager. It’s Elster’s only acting role. Thanks to Devin Theobald for this suggestion!

91. Undrafted (2016)

There is apparently a Mets reference in this 2016 baseball film. Thanks to Devin Theobald again for the suggestion.

And that’s it! Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments.