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Who should Mets fans root for in the World Series?

There are plenty of reasons to hate both sides!

League Championship Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs - Game Five Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The World Series starts tonight in Los Angeles, and it will be televised on FOX. That’s right, the real FOX and not that FS1 channel that you had to use your remote control’s voice command to search for every time you’ve wanted to check in on the ALCS this October. Now that baseball is on a channel that everyone can find, it’s time to draw a line in the sand. You’re either for the Dodgers or for the Astros! Team Blue or Team Orange! National League or American League!

Since neither of these teams are the Yankees, deciding who to cheer for might be difficult. Luckily, we’ve put together a handy guide for you.

Justin Turner

Thanks to his ridiculous beard and increased profile in Los Angeles, baseball fans either love Turner or they hate him. It’s not just about Mets fans anymore. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the red-headed infielder played for the Mets from 2010 to 2013 and was decidedly mediocre. After being released, he joined the Dodgers in 2014 and instantly turned into one of the top sluggers in baseball. 2017 might have been his best season yet, as he hit .322/.415/.530 for a 149 OPS+ and an All-Star selection.

Turner has just continued mashing in the postseason with 12 hits in 31 at-bats including a walk-off home run in Game 2 of the NLCS. There’s a good chance that he plays a pivotal role in the World Series and that we get to hear once again about how the Mets let him get away.

Oh, and the Dodgers also have Chase Utley on their team. Even if you’re still living under that rock we talked about, you probably remember him breaking Ruben Tejada’s leg two years ago and all the hits he had against the Mets in 2007 and 2008 while with the Phillies.

Curtis Granderson

Mets fans might not be able to look at Turner or Utley without cringing, but here’s someone who has always known how to put a smile on our faces. Granderson did a great job of living up to the contract that he signed with the Mets four years ago, providing leadership, walks, and power until the bitter end. Even when things looked hopeless this season, Granderson kept on churning out quality plate appearances like the professional that he is.

But even all that gushing might not be enough for some of you to root for a team with Utley on it. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

More obscure former Mets in Houston

The Dodgers aren’t the only team with former Mets players on it! The Astros have fifth starter Collin McHugh, third string catcher Juan Centeno, and a veteran outfielder you might have heard of named Carlos Beltran. It won’t be quite the same with Beltran stuck as the designated hitter, but it’s always fun to see him come up big in October. Plus, if he does something truly memorable, we won’t have to see those replays of him striking out in 2006 anymore. On the other hand, we’ll probably have to wait for Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina to retire and get voted into the Hall of Fame before that goes away. Those guys are old, though.

Also, maybe you’re a weirdo who has a soft spot for Centeno or is still mad that the Mets traded McHugh for Eric Young Jr. in the lost campaign of 2013. Hey, at least New York got something for McHugh. The Colorado team that the Mets sent him to ended up waiving him, allowing Houston to snatch him up for nothing.

Bench coaches

Alex Cora and Bob Geren will be the bench coaches in this World Series, and both men were considered hot candidates for New York’s open manager job. The franchise went with Mickey Callaway instead, so some fans might want to wait for either Geren or Cora to mess up and make it seem like the Mets made the right call. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how a bench coach can screw anything up, but there’s always the chance that one of their bosses gets ejected. Maybe Dave Roberts will pick a fight with A.J. Hinch like he did with Andy Green of San Diego earlier this year, and we’ll end up with a Geren vs. Cora showdown!

Mets postseason history

Thanks to Houston’s extensive National League history, Mets fans have experience rooting against both of these teams in the postseason. The Astros hosted one of the most memorable games in Mets history, as New York outlasted its foes in the Astrodome to clinch the 1986 pennant. Two years later, the Dodgers edged the Mets in an NLCS Game 7 to end their dream of winning two world titles in three years.

18 years later, the Mets defeated Los Angeles in the 2006 NLDS, but I can understand why some older fans would still be upset about 1988. That Mets team was supposed to be a dynasty!

It’s only been 29 years, but the Dodgers are finally back in the World Series, and the Astros would love to win a game this time after being swept as the senior circuit representative in 2005. You certainly don’t need to pick a side, but the Fall Classic will probably be more fun if you do!