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2017 Mets Season Review: Lucas Duda was Good

His Instagram might have been even Good-er.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at New York Mets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this site that Lucas Duda was Good this year for the Mets. Despite the cries of inconsistency or lethargy, Duda continued to produce at an above average clip for the Mets all the way through his trade to the Tampa Bay Rays on July 27.

Despite missing nearly a month of the season due to a hyper-extended elbow, Duda put up his usual Good numbers for the 75 games he played for New York. Duda put up a 129 OPS+ with 17 home runs and 21 doubles, while playing his usual Good first base.

After being traded to the Rays, he continued to be Good, hitting 13 more home runs, bringing him to the 30 home run marker for the second time in his career, and making it three straight years of 27 or more home runs. For context, Yoenis Cespedes has never done that.

Duda’s replacement, Dominic Smith, got off to a decent enough start, but it is going to take a look to replace the Good production the Mets got from Duda, especially after he made the switch to first base full time. Although Duda is a free agent, it would appear that the Mets are going to give Smith at least a full season’s look at first base, which makes a lot of sense.

One lingering thought is how Duda would have done with a manager that better understood his contributions than Terry Collins did. We can dream on what Mickey Callaway might have done with Duda, but alas, all we have are the Good memories. Most importantly, let’s hope that whatever team Duda plays for in 2018 appreciates his tribute Instagram account as much as his Met and Ray teammates did.