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Terry Collins accepts front-office position with Mets

Sandy Alderson has a new special assistant.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at New York Mets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

After resigning as manager on Sunday, Terry Collins has accepted a position with the Mets’ front office. As a ‘special assistant to the general manager,’ Collins will be working mainly in player development, an area that general manager Sandy Alderson said he was displeased with this season.

"I was disappointed with the performance of some of those players (who were called up this season) and their preparation for playing at the major league level," said Alderson.

Collins, prior to his Mets managerial hiring, worked in player development for a few organizations, including serving as the minor league field coordinator for the Mets in 2010. During that season, he described the job of field coordinator to’s Brian Costa:

“Basically, in spring training I outline the daily stuff and we talk about what needs to be taught and what certain players need to work on. We come up with a game plan for how we go about teaching it. Then once the season starts, I go from team to team to make sure stuff is getting done, make sure players are getting better not just on the individual side but the team side. Making sure some of the plans we set down in spring training are being followed. My whole thing I tell coaches is, when I come back into town the next time, something had better be better. Whether it’s cutoffs or relay throws or whatever, something had better be better.”

His new role sounds like it may be quite similar to his field coordinator post, a role at which Collins seemed to be adept. This position seems to indicate that the conflicts between Collins and Alderson are, perhaps, not as serious as reported, though this move could certainly still be mandated by ownership.